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Cross Borders Payment Issues for Small Business and How to Resolve It

Cross Borders Payment Issues for Small Business and How to Resolve It

DATE: 23rd February 2021

Looking for a lasting solution to small start-ups or online businesses cross border payment issues. Gate2way facilitates a direct connection to the most popular processing products for your business as well as being a guide and a partner offering the right network of payment providers for the continued success of your business.

In the past, this used to be a major problem, wherein customers in location A who are interested in a product from location B, face cross border payment issues. But not anymore, the services offered by gate2way has bridged the gap and resolved cross border payment issues once and for all. 

Gate2way is fluent in over 500 currencies, we speak your customer’s language in payment processing. Either incorporation services or corporate accounts, we know the pop culture habits, so your business benefits from a local strategy when it comes to addressing a specific market. The range of partners allows us to widen our services, to a complete offer where we combine the set-up with banking and processing. We are here to find the best angle, to spot unseen opportunities, and operate like a growth agent

3 Ways to Improving Your Cross Border Payments Process

  1. Specialize in Local Payment platform for ease of payment
  2. Define your currency Strategies
  3. Minimize Transaction fees

Gate2way is intended for companies that own online businesses or runs websites, which require payment processing. It is a business-to-business type of product, meant to expand and enrich the experience of a website, as well as its functionality. It provides reliable service in these areas:

  • Broad support for multiple currencies
  • Robust security and anti-fraud features
  • Affordable flat-rate pricing
  • Excellent customer support and service
  • Smooth technical integration

Technical Integration

When it has to do with technical integration, gate2way deals with server to server or hosted payment page integration, they offer the right payment aggregators and platforms, so that business developers can run a smooth technical process.

It can also provide a business with solutions, from building the perfect cashier for its targeted markets, to guide the process on the integration side. In other words, your business requirements with the right providers and perfect tools are brought to the same table.

To get started, there is a mandatory form prospective business have to fill in order to receive payment solutions, and they include the following:

Coverage: This has to do with your location or that of the business

Payments Type: This includes, bank transfer, e-wallet, cash payments, credit card processing, manual transfer, mobile payment, voucher,

Currencies: the acceptable currency in the area of residence

Features: It requires information such as payouts or refunds amongst other options.

License: offshore or European

Email Address: A personal or business email address, both would do fine.

Once the above requirements have been filled in correctly, gate2way sends payment solution offers to the intended recipient.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the trend for businesses to have both a retail and an online presence. Hence, Integrated payment processing systems have become increasingly popular in recent years. The pandemic has provided further reason for businesses that previously were retail-only and perhaps did not have a website, to open an eCommerce channel for making sales and processing payments.

Regardless of the business type, gate2way provides access to sales, analytical data, inventory, and other functions. Gateway isn’t designed as a fully integrated system on its own, but it does offer access to these functions, allowing business owners to run their business with ease.

All in all, gate2way is a trustworthy enterprise, and their longevity in this business gives them credibility as one of the most recognizable name brands in the eCommerce sector.

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