Crypto Market Operates Positively, with Stability, But Trading Volumes Drop

Bitcoin (BTC) and other virtual currencies have been operating stable and positively. There have not been strong movements during this weekend, which is strange since the market tends to become more volatile during the weekends when there are fewer traders in the space. At the same time, trading volumes have been falling in the last few days.

Crypto Market Operates Stable

The cryptocurrency market is operating slightly positively but without registering large and unpredictable moves. In just a week trading volumes have also been falling, which show the negative aspects of this relatively calm in the space the last few days.

According to the cryptocurrency analyst Josh Rager, Bitcoin (BTC) is going to be leading the crypto market in the short term. Mr. Rager said that he looks towards Bitcoin’s chart over the total cryptocurrency market cap chart in order to see new trades.

He has also mentioned that he also pays close attention to Ethereum (ETH) after Bitcoin, saying that the ETH chart is relative at times as it can lead altcoins, however, not always happens.

Mr. Rager has also mentioned that the volume increase the last week does not seem to be bullish. He said that although it does not seem bullish, it shows that there is a growing interest n the crypto market from investors and traders around the world.

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Bitcoin has been trading positively in February and March. April started very positively, when Bitcoin spiked from $4,100/$,4200 to $5,300 a few days ago. This shows that the digital asset is always ready to move in price.

Currently, at the time of writing this article, Bitcoin is being traded around $5,115. The digital asset has a market capitalization of $90 billion.

There are other experts that are expecting Bitcoin to start growing once again. This would allow it to reach its all-time high and eventually surpass it once again. In the last 24 hours, Bitcoin registered a price increase of 0.44% and it handled a trading volume of $9.68 billion.



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