Crypto SEO – A Beginner’s Introduction

Crypto SEO is a vital tool that every blockchain marketing and PR campaign should take into account. While most cryptocurrency companies overlook SEO, it is one of the most valuable aspects of optimization that you can apply to your website. With a strong on-page and off-page crypto SEO, you’ll be able to boost traffic to your IDO project, move up the google rankings, and increase your brand awareness. In this beginner’s introduction, we’ll be covering: 

  • What is crypto SEO
  • Why is Crypto SEO important for your business?
  • Crypto SEO fundamentals

What is Crypto SEO? 

First of all, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Crypto SEO is the practice of making sure that your crypto website is optimized to rank well in the Google Listings. By optimizing your pages, you’ll move up the Google rankings, making sure that even more people come across your content.  General crypto SEO tasks include link building, effective content structuring, keyword research and placement, image optimization, and more.  Considering that there are currently over 6,500 cryptocurrencies as of September 2021, crypto SEO will allow you to get ahead of other blockchain businesses. 

Why is Crypto SEO important? 

There are a lot of benefits to Crypto SEO. Three of these benefits stand a cut about the rest. These are: 

  • Higher Placement
  • More Exposure
  • Brand Awareness

 Each of these benefits intermingles, feeding into each other almost symbiotically. Let’s break these down a little further. 

Crypto SEO – A Beginner’s Introduction

Higher Placement 

Google uses several factors to rank web pages for specific keywords. The main two of these factors are domain authority and relevance. As your website becomes more optimized, your domain authority will begin to rise. It also increases when other websites link back to your content, the link providing evidence that your content is helpful to a user. As you use crypto SEO on your blog, your content will begin to rank higher on the Google Rankings. Considering that under 1% of users go past the first page of Google, getting to that first page should be one of your priorities. 

More Exposure 

This benefit follows on naturally from the last one. As you move higher up the Google rankings, more and more people will come across your content. When your site comes up as one of the top links based on a Google search, you’ll be getting a huge influx of viewers. The higher up you are on the Google rankings, the more likely it is that someone will click on your website. For example, the first result on Google has, on average, 28.5% of the clicks for a search term. With a higher placement comes more exposure. With more exposure comes more investment opportunities for your IDO project, and more eyes on your pages!

Brand Awareness 

Moving up the rankings and getting more exposure to your pages will allow more people to come across your content. If you’re consistently ranking for crypto-related keywords, then people will begin to familiarize themselves with your brand. Seeing your logos, content, and brand identity pasted across related keywords will let people see that your brand is reputable and provides useful content. Doing this will increase your brand awareness, also demonstrating your brand’s authenticity. With Crypto SEO, you’ll be boosting your exposure, moving up the rankings, and solidifying your brand awareness – what’s not to love?

Aspects of Crypto SEO 

You can break Crypto SEO down into three main parts. These are:

  • On-Page Crypto SEO
  • Off-Page Crypto SEO
  • Technical Crypto SEO

On-Page Cryptocurrency SEO 

Crypto SEO starts on-page. This is the process of making sure any content you post online is optimized. It’ll include writing compelling content that uses researched keywords, optimizing images and structures, and ensuring your meta-description and slug are up to par. 

Off-Page Cryptocurrency SEO 

Anything that happens off your site, on another person’s website, is off-page SEO. This is all about getting backlinks (other websites that link to your site), crypto outreach, and engaging with the crypto community.
Did you know that over 55% of webpages don’t have a single backlink? Be sure that you work on your Off-page crypto SEO to make sure you don’t fall into this trap.  

Technical Cryptocurrency SEO 

This form of cryptocurrency SEO is about ensuring that your site can be found online. Optimizing this aspect of your website will include making an efficient site map. You’ll also be using Google indexing tools to double-check Google is indexing your pages correctly.

Final Thoughts 

We’ve breezed through all the introductory reasons that crypto SEO is vital for your business. But, this is only the beginning! Be sure to take a look at other articles linked in this post, these will give further explanation about this important practice for your blockchain website.

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