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As most of our readers may be well of, over the course of the past month, financial markets all over the world have plummeted to record lows due to the spread of the coronavirus — so much so that the Federal Reserve recently had to issue a relief package worth $2.2 trillion to help keep the American economy afloat. Not only that, it is also being projected that if matters continue to remain the same, the Fed might have to inject another $4 trillion into the US economy.

With that being said, it is worth pointing out that in the midst of all this craziness, the crypto sector has been able to remain relatively stable. For example, at a time when crude, stock prices were crashing hard, premier digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum were able to navigate the market pretty well.

Now, people are interested in learning how to earn bitcoin fast, so let’s review CryptoEngine automated crypto trading platform to see if it is a worthy investment to make today.

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What is CryptoEngine? Is it Worth Your Time?

CryptoEngine is a live trading platform that claims to give investors a chance to cash in on the ongoing crypto boom. As per the official company website, the platform makes use of a number of digitally advanced algorithms that offer users a high level of trading accuracy. However, it should be made clear that all of the claims put forth by the CryptoEngine team are totally unfounded and lack any substantial data to back them up.

Some false claims to be wary of

(i) Unrealistic Profits: According to the project website, investors who make use of CryptoEngine on a regular basis can reap handsome profits (in excess of 1000%) within extremely short periods of time. However, these projections are not based on any hard data or factual evidence.

(ii) No Hard Work Required: Allegedly, individuals who make use of CryptoEngine as advised do not have to put in more than 20 minutes of hard work a day. However, such claims should be viewed with a certain degree of suspicion since no legitimate project would ever claim such a thing.

(iii) False Testimonials and Coverage Details: CryptoEngine’s landing page is full of fake testimonials as well as false claims that the project has been featured in a number of esteemed media publications like Forbes, WSJ, etc. In this regard, we could not find links to any articles that have mentioned CryptoEngine (even fleetingly).

FAQs About Crypto Engine Trading Software

Let’s recap the facts about what the research says about CryptoEngine trading platform.

How Does CryptoEngine Work?

CryptoEngine is an automated trading system that allegedly makes use of various advanced trading strategies that allow users to reap amazing profits within short periods of time. And while on paper the platform seems to be quite useful, the team behind the software has failed to provide any real data as to how the app actually works.

What Returns Does CryptoEngine Promise to Deliver?

As per the official platform website, people who make use of CryptoEngine as advised will be able to rake in massive profits (in excess of $1000) on a near day to day basis. However, this claim is totally unfounded and does not have statistical data to back it up.

How Much Do You Have to Pay to Use CryptoEngine?

Users are required to make a minimum deposit of $250 in order to make full use of the trading platform. This is a sure shot sign that this app is shady — since no legitimate offering ever asks their users to deposit a fixed amount of money.

Can CryptoEngine be trusted?

As mentioned earlier, the official CryptoEngine website has put forth a number of false claims such as:

Fake membership numbers: The official website claims that more than 6000 people are currently making use of the platform. However, this number is totally baseless and there is no evidence to suggest that the app has so many subscribers.

No Hard Work Required: Any company that claims to help its clients make amazing profits without any apparent hard work should never be trusted.

Fake Claims of Advance Technology Use: CryptoEngine claims to make use of advanced trading algorithms that have been mathematically devised. However, the dev team behind the project has failed to provide any actual insight as to how their trading system works.

Verdict — SCAM

In closing out this piece, we would like to make it abundantly clear that this project is an outright scam. Everything from the website’s general outlay, to the exaggerated claims that have been highlighted online reek of shadiness. Thus, we would request our users to seek out other, more legitimate crypto investment alternatives that are currently available online.

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