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Acting as a full service cryptocurrency exchange site, a cryptoshop takes over when it comes to the complicated admin. No more setting up numerous accounts and confusing transaction codes, the cryptoshop does it for you.  The user simply “buys” their desired cryptocurrency with the click of a button. 

Due to the mass public speculation and volatility of cryptocurrencies, people are known to be apprehensive about investing in crypto. With that, cryptoshops started appearing to give a helping hand.

Cryptoshops have existed for years amongst the giants such as Coinbase and Kraken, and are not set to stop. One strong contender among the top cryptoshops is Coimama, who have built their brand on being simple, secure and fast and have existed since 2013. Coimama commented to the Cryptowisser team – 

First time crypto buyers come to us because we’re fast and easy to use. You can set up your account and get verified within minutes, and once you complete your order your coins are in your wallet instantly, saving you time and hassle. Speed and simplicity are important for most buyers, no matter their level of experience, though the fact that we’ve been active in the crypto industry since 2013, and have served millions of happy customers around the world, also builds trust and confidence when making their first steps in the industry, buying bitcoin.”

What does the list find

The Cryptoweisser reports shows significantly higher fees than normal crypto exchanges, but even within the cryptoshops world, they vary greatly.  While the average fee from a centralized exchange is 0.213%, Cryptoshops range from 0.86% (Changelly) up to 12.20% (Imexchanger). Cryptowisser also reports fewer currency options among cryptoshops. 

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Concluding thoughts 

Cryptoshops offers a hassle free crypto trading service, and are a great bridgeway into the sometimes daunting industry. With great service and security, many cryptoshoppers stick with their original shop. 

Cryptowisser is a cryptocurrency services comparison site with the world’s largest, most frequently updated and most trusted lists of cryptocurrency exchanges, wallets, debit cards and merchants. 

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