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Cryzen (XEN Token) Trading Platform Set to Launch ICO with $2.5 Million USD Bounty

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Cryzen Launches $2.5 Million USD Bounty Campaign Before Its Pre-Sale

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) may have been down in recent months, but the market is far from dead. Cryzen, one of the first algorithmic cryptocurrency trading platforms of the world, has recently decided to announce a bounty campaign.

The bounty campaign will have a value of $2.5 million USD and it will be built before the pre-sale of the company, which will be started on September 1.

Basically, the bounty campaign will distribute XEN tokens on the value cited before. The XEN tokens will be used to distribute dividends of the company on the profits that the company will have from fees it charges from users making a profit on the platform, fees it charges for the premium services on the platform and also for the trading profits of the company.

What Is The Cryzen Platform?

The company has been described by its creators as a bot development environment. This means that it lets the users create their own trading algorithms to use in the market or to simply tweak existing algorithms to make them better on some sort of aspect.

As the platform is aimed both at programmers and non-programmers, Cryzen has a very clean user interface and it does not require coding skills, as you can construct your own algorithms very easily.

The users from the platform will be able to simulate how the algorithms will work or even backtest them. Another important feature is that the users will be able to use the platform to understand just how good their algorithms are and this will enable them to deploy these algorithms on the live market and make a profit selling them if they have a good track record.

The Cryzen Bounty Program

The company has a diverse range of bounties that someone can pick. You can check the whole list on the site of the company. The users can claim the rewards for the bounties as soon as they finish them. Bounty claims can be submitted via the Cryzen bounty dashboard, which you can also find on the site.

Most bounties are very simple and focused on the promotion of the upcoming ICO. You can submit links to the company, tweet about it, etc. The bonuses of the first week are very high when compared to other bounty programs.

For instance, you can receive 100 XEN for every 1000 followers that you have. Medium articles can get you up to even 5000 XEN tokens. Youtube videos can get you rewards that are even higher, up to 10,000 XEN per video that you post. However, note that these articles and videos have to be approved by the company before you are able to reclaim your rewards with the company.

Rewards will be lower each week as a way to convince people to participate in the bounty program as soon as possible to be able to profit faster. As the XEM tokens are not only simply money, but grant the holders a stake on the company, it can be a good idea to read more about the bounty program and participate in it.

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