Cyber-security has never been more important for enterprises. With regulations such as GDPR in force, falling victim to a breach can result in damaging financial consequences. As consumer awareness of data protection grows, many will stop doing business with a brand that’s suffered a breach. As a result, cyber-security spending has increased significantly, with Gartner predicting a 9% rise in 2019 compared to spending in 2018.

However, there were still a number of high-profile attacks in 2019, with 4.1 billion records exposed in the first half of the year. Worryingly, 3.2 billion of these records were exposed by just eight breaches, demonstrating how much damage a successful attack can cause. Big names were hit, including Capital One and Equifax, but smaller companies also suffered, with 32% of UK businesses identifying a cyber-security breach or attack according to DCMS’s Cyber-Security Breaches Survey 2019.

About the author

Ivan Blesa is Head of Product at Noble.



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