Dan Gertler Scope on the DRC Mining Industry

Dan Gertler Scope on the DRC Mining Industry

DRC is the most significant source of the world’s mineral resources. It’s famous for its exquisite cobalt, diamond, copper, diamond, tantalum, tin, and Gold. The mining industry is the Republic’s primary source of export income. DRC has untapped mineral deposits (lithium and coltan) worth billions of dollars.  Mining operations have a trail of several mining companies and Artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM). However, the DRC later gave a diamond monopoly to the famous Dan Gertler (international Diamond Industries IDI). Gertler is an established and a leading player in the DRC diamond mining industry. 

Dan Gertler Founder and President of DGI

Dan Gertler (an Israeli) is a famous billionaire venturing into the natural resource business.  Gertler is the founder and president of the DGI (Dan Gertler International) group of companies.  His interests are based around diamond and copper in the Democratic Republic of Congo DRC. Gertler has invested in Gold, oil, gold, iron ore, agriculture, and banking. The businessman has deep business roots in DRC, thus acquiring citizenship of the country. Dan Gertler was born on 23 December 1973 is the grandson of the renowned Moshe Schnitzler. His grandfather is president and co-founder of the Israel Diamond Exchange (1947).  The family has a history of cutting and merchandising diamonds.

Dan learned and gained experience from his father and grandfather, thus gaining knowledge on trading and mineral resources.  He didn’t hesitate in opening his diamond business (at age 21) once he completed his 3-year mandatory service (Israel defense forces).  Gertler’s family provided financially and contact support, which helps accelerate his business. These gave him the ability to purchase quality diamonds, keeping a good relationship with clients.

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However, Gertler’s quest for a diamond dealership pushed him in getting the mining sources. This leads him to DRC, where he purchased from ASM (artisanal and small-scale mining) mined diamonds. Later he established a partnership with Majority state-owned diamond mine MIBA.

Building Trust in the Volatile Country

DRC back then was torn by civil war-making a volatile country. A challenge for many international investors to invest or create wealth in an unstable country.  The political changes (2001) never seemed to improve the worsening situation.  The state council appointed the late president’s son (Mr. Joseph Kabila) as the new president. At this time, Dan Gertler decided to assist in all situations possible to improve and change DRC in a difficult time. 

He agreed to commit part of his wealth to DRC and help in the deteriorating situation. Very few or none of the international and local business people were willing to commit their wealth.  These helped Gertler gain trust and keep good terms with the DRC president and citizens.  He was named as honorary consul of the DRC in Israel (April 2003).

Today Mr. Gertler has his diamond companies and mining activities located and managed in Tel Aviv.  He has numerous projects in Africa and other parts of the world.  He has eyes n potential markets such as Angola, East Europe, and Brazil. 

Dan Gertler Foundation and Charitable Acts (Gertler Family Foundation GFF)

Mr. Gertler is a strict observant of the Jewish religion and has a big heart for education and charitable organizations.  DGI companies funds thousands of people in education and other lifestyle matters. Dan studied business at the University of Derby and financial markets and gemology in his home country. The Gertler family foundation works in DRC to help people in:

  • Direct grants
  • Partnerships
  • Sponsorship
  • Fundraising
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The foundation was established in 2004 and has ventured into many DRC places such as Maniema, Kasai-oriental, Kinshasa, Katanga, etc.  They have found new homes, schools, health facilities, and farming cooperatives to help DRC families.  The foundation focuses on the poor and vulnerable people in the country.  He has improved its infrastructures, such as building roads, transport centers, airports, utilities, and water systems.  GFF supports agriculture farming both for household use and commercial use.  Mr. Gertler supports the country’s culture and heritage, involving himself in cultural programs and sports activities.  This has created a great bond between the businessman and the DRC community.   

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