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Daredevil raccoon leaps from seventh storey of tower block in front of shocked onlookers

Some creatures can fly, but raccoons are not among them.

This has been proved by one raccoon in a highly alarming video being shared on the internet.

The animal apparently scaled the wall of a tower block in America, and had climbed seven storeys when passers-by noticed and began filming.

The animal is seen stationary and clinging to the middle of the wall, while people can be heard exclaiming: “Oh my word.”

The man filming says: “This is the real news,” as he pans across a dozen people watching and filming the animal.

The raccoon then makes the decision to leap from the wall, turning in the air and spreading out its little arms and legs almost like a human skydiver.

It hits the sandy ground with a sickening thump, but then quickly runs away.

As the animal makes its departure, the gathered crowd erupts into applause, with one person saying: “Oh, he’s fine.”

The extent to which it may have been injured is not clear.


While climbing seven storeys is quite a feat, another ambitious raccoon climbed a heart-stopping 25-storeys in July this year, before being lured into a humane trap on the skyscraper’s roof. It was released unharmed.


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