Darex Travel

What Is Darex Travel?

DarexTravel is a blockchain-based payment solution that seeks to improve the general traveling experience by using decentralization as a means of solving some of the challenges that consumers face while traveling such as high currency exchange rates, government tariffs, and credit card or money transfer fees.

Additionally, DarexTravel aims at forming strategic partnerships with both large corporations and small businesses in the travel industry in the efforts to improve the global adoption of Darex coin as a payment solution and subsequently improve the way in which travelers or tourists book and pay for holiday packages, means of travel, and accommodation.

Darex Travel Features

Darex Travel Lite Wallet

This secure wallet stores and facilitates paying and transferring of funds on the platform through the Dart tokens. The wallet also has the ability to hold fiat currencies such as USD.

Lite Wallet Peer To Peer Transfers

Users of DarexTravel can safely and securely transfer or trade Dart Tokens among themselves without the need of intermediaries or additional fees.

Darex Travel Debit

This debit card will eliminate the inconvenience and expenses incurred during the exchanging of currencies while on trips by enabling users to make purchases on the decentralized DarexTravel store and pay for real world DarexTravel products or items.

How Darex Travel Waves Blockchain Ecommerce Platform Works

Darex runs and operates using the Waves E-Commerce technology. Through the partnerships that the platform will have forged, users will be able to book for Foreign and Domestic travel flights, accommodations, and use the Dart tokens to makes the payments on the DarexTravel platform. Through the loyalty program, users will be able to receive Dart tokens as rewards for their online bookings.

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Apart from being a payment mechanism for the bookings, users can use Dart to make purchases on the decentralized E-commerce shopping platform for products such as luggage, neck pillows, passport wallets, or even ordering the DarexTravel Debit Card.

Other services that the DarexTravel Booking Platform offers to its users include Room, Apartment or BnB accommodations, Travel and tourist guides, and Car- hire or ride-shares. Private vendors can also benefit from the services of the platform by integrating their e-commerce platforms with that of DarexTravel.

Darex Travel Benefits


The Darex wallet is encrypted and implements the highest level of security standards to ensure that the transfer and trading of Darts between wallets is safe, secure, and decentralized.

Zero Fees

The main challenge facing those making bookings and accommodation online for their travels is the high booking fees as well as the exchange rate fees for foreign currencies. Through its booking platform and Decentralized e-commerce platform, DarexTravel will eliminate such charges by eliminating intermediaries or third parties.


Users have the opportunity to gain additional income. This is because the platform rewards them in the form of Dart tokens for using the tokens to pay for the online bookings or for the products they purchase on e-commerce platform.

Time Efficient

Transferring funds on the platform is faster, as it takes only a few seconds.

Darex Travel DART Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token: DarexTravel
  • Token Symbol: Dart
  • Token Protocol: Waves Platform
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000,000 DART
  • Max Supply: 100,000,000,000 DART
  • ICO Token Supply: Approx. 60,000,000,000 DART
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