Decentralised social network Soclly launches beta version for Web3 creators

NEW DELHI: Decentralised social network Soclly has announced the launch of its beta version for Web3 creators, influencers and educators. Serial entrepreneurs Prayag Singh, Naresh Katta and Charan Kumar Borra gave birth to Soclly when they realised that Web3 creators need a platform where they can engage with their followers and monetise the same. The venture is bootstrapped, however, the founders are talking with the investors to raise seed funding.

As an initial offering, Web3 creators can register and mention their available time slot along with their fee. To book their favourite Web3 creator for 30 minutes, requesters need to pay fees via stable coins such as USDT, USDC, and DAI.

In a statement, Prayag Singh, co-founder of Soclly said, “With this platform, we provide an ongoing engagement between Web3 creators and followers. Until now, creators haven’t had the tools that will effectively assist them with time management and money management. This enables them to only focus on creating an unforgettable fan experience. Also, through Soclly, Web3 creators can monetise and build relationships with their followers by delivering interactive, live virtual experiences.”

Web3 is introducing new problems for the fresh entrants. They have too much information to grab and make sense of it. Not everything in Web3 is palatable enough for these enthusiasts. Soclly acts like a bridge in their journey to Web3. In version 0.1, it allows Web3 educators, creators and influencers to get on a 1:1 call with the Web3 enthusiasts who want to foray into it.

These requesters can always pay these creators in stable coins and can get connected with their favourite web3 creators/influencers/educators. Bringing consultants/creators/influencers/educators online in Web3 is a billion-dollar opportunity.

In a statement, Kashif Raza, founder of Bitinning, said, “Soclly is solving my pain point. In the future it can be an integral part of every creator’s life. Time is the most valuable asset than any other commodity in the world and it doesn’t come back once it is used. People should value their time, and Soclly is helping me manage my time.”

Another creator, Santosh Panda, Founder of Explara and FoundershipHQ, commented, “The best part of Soclly is that it is completely decentralised and you don’t need to share your personal information like email, username and password.”

Soclly’s key features include 1:1 booking with the Web3 creator by paying in stable coins. Providing feedback on blockchain aka decentralised reputation, Twitter shout-out, no middleman, zero restriction on geography and support for donating the crypto to charities.

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