Dementia: The sweet treat that can reduce your risk of the brain condition – study

They also noticed that intakes of vitamin C, pelargonidin, anthocyanidins and flavonoids were each linked with a lower risk as well.

The research team concluded that enjoying strawberries as well as all of these potent ingredients could help your risk of Alzheimer’s disease fall.

The research added: “Consumption of strawberries may reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s dementia in older adults, probably due to neuroprotective action of pelargonidin, anthocyanidins, and total flavonoids.

“Once replicated in other cohorts and confirmed by a clinical trial, these findings may have important public health implications, as the addition of strawberries to one’s diet can be an easy adaptation for older adults to reduce Alzheimer’s dementia risk.”

However, the study also reports some limitations and notes that the link between the fruit and the condition is observational.


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