Desi CEO Wants His Employees to ‘Kill’ Work-related Chats Post 6 PM, Wins Twitters Respect – News18

Nitin Kamath | Image credit: Twitter

Nitin Kamath | Image credit: Twitter

Zerodha CEO Nithin Kamath tweeted that he has asked all his employees to cut out work-related chats among themselves post 6 pm to keep them from getting ‘burned out’.

Striking a clear balance between your personal and professional life is very important for your well-being. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we faced a new challenge in this arena. The clear distinction of personal and professional spaces got blurred out as we moved to the work from home setup. While it started off as a positive change and gave us the comfort of working from a space safe in the pandemic, things soon got difficult. People complained that the workload in the WFH setup was overburdening and it took a toll on their mental wellbeing.

This change hasn’t been easy for the companies too as they struggle to finds ways of maintaining a balance of workload. In a bid to help its employees strike balance and distinction between professional and professional lives, financial services company Zerodha has decided to kill its work-related chats post 6 PM and holidays. Zerodha CEO Nithin Kamath put out a tweet stating the decision taken by the company. He hopes that this decision will reduce employees’ workload and help them not feel ‘burned out’ and ‘brain fried’.

In his tweet thread, Kamath also emphasized that multitasking ‘hurts’ could even damage the brain which is why they have taken this decision to cut the load.

Kamath’s decision was received with appreciation from the netizens who urged other companies to take a cue from this decision and think about similar steps to cut workload and stress of employees. Check out some of the reactions to Kamath’s tweet.

Many believe that even in the post-pandemic world, it will take time for the world to return to fully working from the office. Many companies including Google and Microsoft have said that will be soon shifting to a hybrid setup that will involve some employees coming to offices while others will work from home.

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