Designing Business Signage – Tips That Work in 2020

Designing Business Signage - Tips That Work in 2020
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As a business owner, we are sure you know a lot about your business. But how much do you know about branding, marketing, and promoting your company? A lot of time, company owners do not recognize the potential of well-design signage, and how much could it boost their success. The visual appearance of your brand can either attract new clients or repel them. From those small signage hanging on the doors or windows to the largeoutdoor metal business signs. They all have the same purpose, and it is essential to use them in the right way. Otherwise, they may work against you.

How to Stand Out

If you are running a small business, signage is even more important to you, because you have to stand out somehow, and let people notice you. There is no better way to achieve that than to use stellar signage. Let the designer do its thing, provide instructions, and all the details, but let someone creative and professional do the design. That is a one-time investment that will certainly pay off in the long run.

5 Tips for Creating Effective Signage

When it comes to design, there are no boundaries or limits in terms of how something may look. But if you want your signage to be on point and to deliver, you should obey some universal rules of good design when it comes to this type of sign. Hence, we gathered here five essential tips or rules for creating a sign that is going to attract you new clients and customers.

The Color Scheme

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Is your brand logo in any particular color? Do you have any company colors or visual identity? Picking the right colors is essential for many reasons. For example, think about some of the most successful brands that have been around for ages. From Nivea to Coca Cola. They all use primary colors that are visually strong, simple, and eye-catching enough when combined with a simple logo. That is the direction you should think about when considering colors. Think about the contrasts, about colors that complement each other, and avoid using too similar shades of the same color, because it would look blurry from a distance.

Increase Readability

Think about the dimensions of your sign and how much information you can place there. Whether it is a small sign hanging on the door, or a large scale outdoor signage, it has to be readable. A lot of times, people do not have the time to stop and read everything. They will skim through the text to catch the core of it, and that is it. So you have 2 to 3 seconds not only to attract their attention but also to tell them everything they need to know about your business. How? By using fonts that are readable, simple, and by inserting only essential information like logo, brand message, vision, special offer, contact, etc.

Make It Stand Out

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One of the best ways to make your signage pop is to use neon lights. Neon signs have been around for ages, and they are just timeless. However, they may not be appropriate for every type of business, so keep that in mind. Another option is digital signage. Digital signs are becoming more and more popular, which is no wonder because they are so versatile, and they provide you much more options. You can change them frequently, adjust to seasons, promo deals, etc. They can look very professional and be eye-catching at the same time, especially if you incorporate animations or videos.

Aesthetic Matters

Sure that a plain black and white sign can still do the job, but could another more aesthetically pleasing sign perform better? Probably. The thing is, people are drawn to good design. To something that looks good. It somehow makes your business seem trustworthy. Good packaging will sell even the worst product because people will be drawn to it. Although good design can be considered as a subjective category and there is no such thing that everyone is going to like, you have to find that sweet spot for the majority. So make sure to put effort into creating something that visually looks good, and offers more than just basic information.

Keep It Simple

Last but not least, keep it simple. Trust us, it is easier said than done. Once you have to sum everything you do and offer into one sign, within limited space, with the minimal amount of words, one or none image, the task gets way more complicated than you could have assumed. So make sure you really think about it well, make a few ideas with the designer, have different options, and ask others for their opinion. It will help you to hear impressions from someone who is not personally involved.

The Bottom Line

When designing signage, you have to keep in mind that it represents an element of your brand, a part that rounds up that full package. Nowadays, it is more important than ever to have a well-designed sign because people seem to appreciate it more and more. Do not postpone the decision to invest in signage, do it now. With the help of our tips, we are sure you will be able to understand the basic principles and come up with something good.

Author Bio:

Laura Baird is the daughter of a crafty artist who is an illustrator. During her childhood, she loved watching her father crafting custom metal signs and sculptures. As she grew up with love and passion for custom signages Laura likes sharing her techniques by writing some blogs on how to come up with better signages and how it helps businesses in building brands.

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