Diabetes: Four foot changes that require urgent medical attention

This is why it’s so important to check your feet daily, and to alert your diabetes team if you see a blister or cut.

How to look after my feet

Diabetes UK advise all diabetics to not smoke as this can worsen poor circulation, meaning less blood can reach the feet.

It’s also key to manage blood sugar levels, cholesterol and blood pressure to prevent foot issues from developing.

Another tip is to cut your toenails correctly to avoid piercing the skin by mistake, which can lead to further injuries.

Cutting toenails:

  1. Cut them often but not too short or down the side
  2. Trim them with nail clippers and then use an emery board to file any corners
  3. Clean them gently with a nail brush – don’t use the sharp points of scissors to clean as this isn’t safe.


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