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Different Methods of Stock Transportation

Different Methods of Stock Transportation

So, you’ve just set up a sparkling new business that has expanded rapidly and you are looking for more efficient ways of transporting your stock around the world. The more wide-ranging shipping options you offer, the bigger your business will expand and the more customers you will attract. Let’s take a look at your options…

Freight Transportation

There are 4 main types of freight transportation to consider carefully when choosing the best option for your business: by road, rail, ocean or air. Advantages of transporting via the road are that it can be more cost effective. If stock needs to be sent speedily this is probably your best option especially if the stock is travelling a shorter distance and will also avoid delays such as loading and handling stock. This is also a good option for edible items such as meat, fruit and vegetables.

Perhaps rail transportation would be a better option for your business especially if your stock is travelling a longer distance. Shipping via train is actually more environmentally friendly than transporting by road. If you have large quantities of stock to transport, a train has the capacity to transport almost 280 times the amount one truck could contain.

What about air transport? When may this be the best option? If your stock is travelling a long distance, air transportation allows more distance to be covered over a shorter period of time. Air transportation is also ideal if the areas in which the stock is being transported to are hard to reach areas that can’t be accessed by any other form of transport.

Finally, would ocean transportation be the right method for you? If the type of stock that you are transporting contain hazardous materials, this is one of the safer options of transportation and shipping containers are secured and sealed during transportation. This option is often the cheaper option and is more cost effective than the other forms of stock transportation.

Pallet Delivery

Right, you’ve decided on your desired mode of transportation for your stock. What’s next? Pallets are often flat wooden transport structures which allow huge range and amounts of stock to be shipped all over the world. ParcelBroker is a great option for all your pallet delivery needs. ParcelBroker’s aim is to save you money and will work hard to find the best deal for you. They ParcelBroker offers a professional service throughout the process. Benefits include: flexible services for all delivery sizes (from 50-1,000kg), Same day pickup & next day delivery and prices start from just £37.70 +VAT.

Whichever option you choose, weigh up the pros and cons of each method and decide ultimately which method of transporting stock would be best for the growth of your business. It’s important to do your research first, but hopefully, this gives you a good starting point.

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