The addition of cryptocurrencies on exchanges has always been perceived as a metric for the success of the asset, be it from an economic standpoint or for measuring its popularity index. This is particularly applicable to DigiByte Coin, which recently got listed on CoinEx, a popular cryptocurrency exchange. DigiByte’s Twitter handle tweeted:

“Big thanks to @coinexcom for adding DGB/USDT pair.

DigiByte was recently listed on Coinex with pairs DGB/BTC, DGB/BCH.”

The digital asset’s ever-active community also responded positively to the addition with many users inquiring about the next addition, Binance being the preferred platform. DigiByte Coin’s stablecoin pair addition comes on the back of CoinEx listing DGB/BTC and DGB/BCH. The BCH pairing coincided with DigiByte’s rampant steps to popularize the Roger Ver led Bitcoin Cash.

Although the DGB/BTC pairing is touted as the popular one out of the bunch, the USDT pairing is seen as the asset with the most potential. This can be proven by comments from various proponents in the cryptocurrency space who called 2019 the ‘year of the stablecoin.’ It is evident that DigiByte took those comments in stride and have proceeded to make efforts to bring the stablecoin pairing into fruition.

At press time, DigiByte (DBG) traded at $0.009 with a total market cap of $114.176 million. The cryptocurrency also held a 24-hour market volume of $943,773 after a 2.24 percent rise in prices. Digibyte was also in the news recently when the cryptocurrency was revealed to be added on the Erik Voorhees led Shapeshift platform.

DigiByte has followed the footsteps of several other mainstream cryptocurrencies which have pursued the mantra of mainstream adoption. The CoinEx addition and the Shapeshift inclusion was just one of many steps taken by the cryptocurrency organization to ensure that the digital asset reaches as many users as possible. This fact was evidenced when only two days back DigiByte got added onto another popular cryptocurrency exchange, EviEx.

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The surprising part about the EviEx addition was that the exchange is based out of the Netherlands, a country where cryptocurrencies are gaining a sure foothold.

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