Digital Content Creation Market Projected at $38 Billion by 2030

Digital Content Creation Market Projected at $38 Billion by 2030

As content and social media marketing rises rapidly to the fore, spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic’s encouragement of organisations to strengthen their digital footprint, digital content creation has been steadily rising and is expected to top $38.2 billion in value globally by 2030, at a growth rate of 12% from, finds a report by InsightSLICE.

“One-Stop-Shop” to Author, Distribute, Publish Digital Content

Using a wide variety of tools to fashion textual, video, audio, and graphical content, and by partnering with a digital marketing solutions provider such as, businesses can fetch cost-effective, flexible, scalable, and far-reaching results—particularly SMEs on a limited budget.

Content creation is growing exponentially, and enterprises are using creative tools for sales and promotion of their brands via digital strategies, leveraging popular platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. What’s more, increasingly, the software tools used in digital content creation are being built into social media platforms, making for a simplified, “one-stop-shop” experience to help author, distribute, and publish digital content.

While the lack of availability of open-source digital content creation software is hindering the growth of the market, commercial market leaders are upping their game significantly as accelerated digitalisation, the boom of high-speed Internet connectivity, and the surging use of social media for marketing are growing the market.

Twitter Touts Performance-Based Advertising & Expanded Offerings for SMEs

Companies active in this space include ClickStream, Twitter, Snap, Nexstar Media, and Comscore, all of which are embracing virtual reality and artificial intelligence, relatively new areas of technology contributing to the content creation bouquet.

Twitter, for its part, announcing financial results for the second quarter 2021, said the company is shipping more, learning faster, and hiring remarkable talent, according to CEO Jack Dorsey.

“For example, our increased shipping cadence contributed to reaching 206 million average monetizable DAU [daily active users] in Q2, up 11% year over year and 3% quarter over quarter. There’s a tremendous opportunity to get the whole world to use Twitter,” Dorsey stated in the company’s results press release.

Twitter’s CFO, Ned Segal, said in the release that the results are better-than-expected across all major products and geographies and that the platform’s audience continues to grow. “We continued to make significant progress on our direct response and brand products with updated ad formats, improved measurement, and better prediction. We are driving more value for advertisers with our strong push into performance-based advertising and expanded offerings for small and medium-sized businesses.”

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