Digital marketing

Omnichannel certainly is a very hot topic. When companies are thinking about omnichannel, they sometimes want to think about distinguishing from multichannel. The big distinguishing aspect of it is multichannel has different ways in which you’re reaching the customer. Omnichannel is that as well, but it should be in synergy.

There is something called predictive learning, which is a type of machine learning where you can imagine data sitting in different places, and a central kind of — you can call it an algorithm process — [where] each of the data by themselves is anonymised. In that sense, you can mix in the secret sauce, so to speak, without any of the ingredients coming together.

That’s one way to do it where silos [exist] because of regulation. There are these kinds of solutions that, increasingly, many companies are thinking about. When you think about all the wonderful things that omnichannel marketing can get you, which is the synergistic view of the customer, the 360-degree view where you can see the customer at all the different touchpoints, the issue with privacy is that customers may not want to give you that data.

Especially with GDPR coming in and the California Privacy Rights Act coming in the US, a lot more control is being given back to the consumer. For example, the latest update from Apple is basically demanding that consumers give their approval for certain apps to track their information.


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