Dilon ka shooter

Since the first shared e-kickscooter operations launched in 2019, Germany has been at the forefront of micromobility offerings in Europe. In 2021, the market’s six largest global operators maintained a fleet of nearly 120,000 e-kickscooters in the country during the peak summer season, making nearly 70 million trips….

Sophisticated pricing strategies for e-kickscooters can help boost market share and increase customer loyalty. While most companies charge through a two-tiered structure (an initial fee to unlock the scooter and then a per-minute usage fee), some are experimenting with different methods.

For instance, a few players only charge the usage fees, forgoing the unlock fee. Their objective is to build share as fast as possible and retain those customers during the coming shakeout….

To get operations right, companies must also determine the best location for centralised warehouses where vehicles can be serviced and stored. Ideally, they should be in downtown locations to minimise transit times and optimise costs.

Some providers are solving the operational challenge by paying the employees who charge the scooters to relocate. While this option may be viable for other providers, it is expensive.


From ‘What Germany Can Teach the World About Shared Micromobility’, McKinsey & Co


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