Discovering the right choice for our everyday worries

Just as you avoid a snake on the road for the fear of being bitten, you should avoid worries in life for they will always restrict your creative growth. The understanding should be, ‘Fair enough, I am worried, but there are also solutions. I have to find the right solution and, for that, my choice has to be correct.’

One of the main reasons for frustration is that people identify with their worries and are unable to find solutions. This is an incorrect idea, my guru, Sri Swami Satyananda, told me a sentence that has inspired me all my life, ‘There are no simple solutions in life, only intelligent choices.’

Therefore, say to yourself, ‘This is possible, this is possible, this is possible, this is possible. Of these four methods, this one is more appropriate for me, and that has to be my choice.’

Discover what choices you have and do not worry about the solution that you are never going to find. When you are looking for a solution, you are thinking along one track, however, if there are four roads, you can always choose one and bypass the others. The ability to make the right choice should be developed with wisdom, understanding, compassion and love. This should be everyone’s effort.

In a negative environment, there is not solution and no correct choice. To maintain the continuity of discovering the choice in life, the thoughts and ideas in the family have to be clear and positive.


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