Do Black Friday and Cyber Monday Make a Difference to Gaming and Entertainment?

Do Black Friday and Cyber Monday Make a Difference to Gaming and Entertainment?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be relatively new marketing concepts in the UK – becoming popularised in 2014 when retailers such as Argos and John Lewis offered discounts – but they still have an impact on sales. Spend for 2020’s discount days is expected to exceed 2019’s, despite the number of people participating being lower. Brits are expected to spend £6 billion on discounts across the two days. But how significant are Black Friday and Cyber Monday on the gaming and entertainment industries?  

What Discounts Does the Gaming Industry Run?

The gaming industry especially responds well to offers and promotions. With the PlayStation 5 being released and with Nintendo’s flagship game Pokémon offering extra content for the Switch, it makes sense that game retailers engage with those willing to spend money. For example, Game slashed the prices of many popular titles. They were expecting to sell them at this time of year anyway, but a slight discount could mean each person buys two games instead of one.

Many scoffed at some of the discounts. The Currys/PC World discount for a Nintendo Switch package was down to £239 from £258.98 – a saving of £19.98. Elsewhere, gaming laptops saw dramatic cuts to their prices, which may have influenced some purchases. Discount for the Xbox One S, which will soon be completely outmoded by the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 4, superseded by the 5, could also encourage spending.

Does the Online Casino Industry Do Black Friday?

The online casino industry is also well-known for the discounts it offers players. But these run for new players year-round. Those looking for the latest online casino options at STS Casino, for instance, will consider the bonuses, which can be claimed not only when you sign up as a new player, but throughout your time playing as a regular.

As these discounts and deals run throughout, it’s unlikely that a single discount day would make an impact on players. Some sites may run special deals for players on certain slot games, for example, on the day. But most will focus on their existing offers and not play up to the gimmick of the day borrowed from the American calendar.

Online Entertainment Uses Year-Round Discounts

Loyalty schemes for online casino players have also become popular. This idea is taken from the wider world of retail, where customers – through Nectar cards or the M&S Sparks card – are given points towards future benefits through spending. Loyalty schemes are effective as they help customers make their minds up.

If they can win points playing at a particular site, they are more likely to choose that site over competitors. The same works for retail. Customers may be more likely to shop at Sainsbury’s to claim back the money through Nectar points than at a rival.    

Do Discount Periods Matter in the World of Streaming?

While other aspects of entertainment are known for discounts anyway, many aspects of online entertainment are unable to offer a major deal on Black Friday. Streaming services, for instance, have a set deal for new customers (usually one month’s free trial) and are unlikely to offer much in the way of a special discount on top of that for the end of November sales period.

As Black Friday makes up for 20% of Christmas shopping, streaming services are typically something you pay for yourself. So, with them not being a gift, it makes little sense to have them included. However, Sky has waded into the arena with a 50% off its Sports, Cinema, and Netflix package for new customers.  

Cyber Monday and Black Friday are popular in the gaming community. They might not be huge markdowns, but they represent a concession for a day when prices are supposed to be cheaper. The way we engage with entertainment – streaming – isn’t as conducive to these offers as it could be, and many modes of entertainment offer discounts as par for the course. The days do encourage spending, which is overall good for the economy and those who sell games are not likely to be complaining.

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