Do not fear parting ways

The most painful thing in the world is parting ways. Darkness suddenly descends and everything appears to be gloomy, but after overcoming it and looking back, one feels that it was in favour of everyone involved. Nature has its own way to separate two individuals before things come to a pass. Moreover, any relationship – not just a man-woman relationship – always comes with an expiry date. Man may be a social animal but many love to live alone. ‘No cerebral person can be in a relationship for more than a couple of months. He has to part ways,’ US novelist Ernest Hemingway said. And he said it quite earnestly.

Taoism believes that ‘Until you part/ There’s no new start.’ So, to embrace the new, one has to part with the old. When Persian mystic Jalaluddin Rumi was dying, his favourite disciple Mehmoor came to be with him. Rumi told him, ‘Mehmoor, don’t weep, I’m parting ways with this world and getting ready to embrace my greater beloved.’ With these words, he closed his eyes forever.

One parting paves the way for a greater union. The quest is never-ending. So, don’t rue when you part. Instead, take it as a new start. Nothing in life is so bad that there isn’t some good in it. Every parting is, therefore, a profound lesson in relationship(s). Learn from it and move on.


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