Do Not Let Your Habits Hurt Your Beautiful Eyes - Beware of Blue Light.

Thanks to the digital world that has made the entire world connected via mobile phones, laptop, television, iPad, computers, and other similar digital screen devices. There was a time when we used to speak with our family and friends on phones, instead of using the videos. With the invention of smartphones, we do the ‘talking’ through our eyes. Isn’t it?  We are either hooked on chatting, social media, video calling, making Tik Tok videos, sharing Instagram updates, vlogs, or typing endless keys on the keyboard at our workplaces, for say, around 10 hours or so. Actually, we are spending a whole lot of time during the entire day staring at these digital screens. What we do not realise is that these digital screen devices are not only harming our eyes daily but are making us prone to diseases that may occur in future. 

Although it is impossible to live without our smartphones and laptops as they are required in various sectors and industries as well as for our personal use. The reality is that apart from helping us, they emit blue light rays which go unnoticed by each one of us. Naturally, a huge chunk of the population is not aware of what these blue light rays are and how they are affecting our eyes, of course, until we feel any strain, dryness, redness, pain, wetness etc. in the eyes. Yes, these are all the ‘negative’ end results of our habit of using digital devices.

What Are Blue Light Rays?

Blue light rays are the short-wavelength rays and part of the visible spectrum.  The wavelength of blue light ranges between 380 nm and 500 nm. Therefore, blue light rays are shorter in the electromagnetic spectrum and visible to the eyes. Blue light is present in the sunlight and is scattered on the planet everywhere throughout the day time. Because of this blue-light only, the sky appears blue in colour to our eyes. Apart from the sun rays, the blue light is also present in the digital screen devices, LED lighting, fluorescent lighting, etc.

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How Blue Light Rays Affect Us?

There are major two problems that the blue light rays may cause to the human body. Firstly, it affects the eyes and secondly, it disturbs the sleeping pattern. 

When eyes come continuously in contact with the blue light while using digital screen devices or artificial lights. The extended exposure to the blue light rays is harmful to the eyes. Because blue light rays are capable of causing various eye-health such as strain, pain, dryness, redness, wetness, etc. to the extent of macular degeneration, glaucomas and retinal destruction.

Blue light is also responsible for causing headaches which, if left untreated and ignored, may take the shape of what is commonly known as the digital migraine.

Moreover, when the body is exposed to blue light rays then the sleeping pattern of the body is disturbed. This happens because our body produces a hormone called the Melatonin Hormone which is secreted by the pituitary gland. During the day time or when the blue light is exposed to the body, the production of the Melatonin Hormone is reduced. Whereas, in the absence of blue light or in the darkness, the secretion of Melatonin is increased which induces the body to sleep. This sleeping and awake pattern or the cycle of the body is known as the circadian rhythm. Thus, it can be said that the presence of blue light affects and disturbs the natural sleeping cycle of the body.

Should We Change Our Habit to Save Eyes?

It is necessary to protect the delicate eyes, but not at the cost of discomfort or changing your habit to the extent that you stop using the digital screen devices altogether. Although, it is advised to keep the usage of digital devices limited to a couple of hours in a day only. No doubt, this practice appears not only difficult but impossible to follow.

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The best solution through which you can protect eyes even in the presence of blue light rays is to block the emission of blue light rays. Surprisingly, it is not possible to make every digital or electronic device free from blue light rays. Instead, it is better to block the blue light rays from entering eyes through suitable eyeglasses.

Blue Light Glasses – The Perfect Solution Against Harmful Blue Light Rays.

The most effective solution to save eyes is to use blue light glasses. These glasses contain an advanced protection coating on lenses which is capable of blocking 99.9% of the harmful blue light rays. The blue light glasses are designed in such a way that they can prevent the blue light rays from entering the eye by simply blocking them on the surface of the glass lens itself. Therefore, the blue light rays fail to pierce through the eyes and reach the retina. This way the eyes are saved from the harmful effect of the blue light rays and the eyes remain healthy.  

You can wear blue light blocking glasses when you are in the workplace, watching TV playing computer games, using a smartphone etc. or even wear them 24 x 7 without any harm. Since blue light blocking glasses are used while you work on the computer, therefore, they are also known as computer glasses and gaming glasses.            

Where Can You Buy Genuine and Effective Blue Light Glasses?

You can buy 100% original blue light glasses from Specscart including designer branded glasses frames which are crafted to block up to 99.99% of the blue light rays from entering the eyes. Besides, the eyeglasses are pocket-friendly and are available not only online but also at Specscart’s Walkden and Bury stores. Specscart involves the unique and advanced technology called the X-blue light in manufacturing the blue light glasses. The digitally crafted Specscart’s blue light glasses consist of clear lenses that are free from any colour. 

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Blue light prescription glasses are the prescription glasses that have the blue light blocking advanced coating features. Apart from that, all glasses frames from Specscart come with lenses that are automatically loaded with anti-UV, anti-glare, anti-scratch and shock resistance properties along with same day dispatch facility. You can also get blue light blocking properties in your existing glasses frames by sending it to Specscart where the old lenses are replaced with the new ones through the process of reglaze glasses.


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