Driver Hiring Checklist

Every Person has only 24 hours in a day. It is not possible for the same person to do all the work at a time. Some people may be too busy doing other activities of their daily routine. They may prefer drivers to drive their Car. Hiring a Safe Driver plays a key role as it is unlike recruiting a person for any other Job.

Not only his Driving Skills are to be checked here, but also his behavior is to be checked before hiring a driver. The focus should not be on the small part of their job like driving a Car. It is because most motor vehicle accidents are caused due to the behavior of the drivers. Some of the main reasons for Motor Vehicle Accidents are distracting driving, driver error, horseplay. Hence, hiring a safe driver is an important aspect when you think of hiring a Driver for your Car.

We are here to guide you on how to hire a car driver. You can go through the checklist for Hiring a car driver and hire a safe driver.

Driver Hiring Checklist

Checklist for Hiring Safe Drivers – Criteria for Hiring a Car Driver

It is very important to check these aspects while hiring a Driver. Here is a list of Criteria that should be considered while hiring a car Driver. 

  • The Driver should be at least 21 Years old.
  • He should provide appropriate Physical Health Certificates (to check if he is capable of operating a vehicle in a safe manner).
  • He should have an acceptable accident and traffic citation history.
  • The additional approved driver traits such as Attitude to psychomotor performance, mental abilities, medical status should be checked.
  • He should have obtained Proper Licensing for the vehicle he is going to drive.
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Checklist for Driver Recruitment – Physical Health of Driver

It is very important that you know about the fitness and capabilities of your car driver before you hire him. Make sure that you never allow any person who is not fit (due to consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs) to operate your car as it leads to a lot of accidents. Also check the physical fitness of the driver such as his health, eyesight, mental ability and hearing ability to perform the job. 

Checklist for Hiring a Car Driver – Driver’s Driving History through MVRs

Checking the Driver’s Driving History enables us to determine if they are qualified to operate our Vehicle. You can obtain MVRs (Motor Vehicle Records) directly from the state or from the respective Transport Executive or from MVR Vendor Companies. Make sure that you order and review MVRs annually for the driver. The MVR reviews will be more for the drivers who have poor driving history. 

So, be alert and check all the minor and major incidents he was involved in the past. It is very important to know the Drivers driving history in the past. A lot of experts stated in their Studies that there is a direct correlation between driver’s past driving performance and his future involvement in a vehicle crash. You need to be specific in defining what are your guidelines for an acceptable driving record. 

Once you are done with the criteria for accepting your driver, make sure that you inform him regarding the policy and provide a written acknowledgement of his agreement to binding to the driver’s criteria. 

Checklist for Hiring a Driver – Driver’s Attitude

Selecting a driver with a safe attitude towards transport and who is responsible to perform the job is a very important aspect. Evaluating their age, driving record, experience, maturity and attitude also plays a key role in hiring a safe driver. As mentioned above, most of the accidents are caused due to the behavior of the driver. 

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Also consider moving violations such as illegal parking, inspection stickers, expired registration, vehicle defects, expired registration and poor maintenance of the driver while selecting him. This is an indication that the driver wants to disobey the policies and rules.

Interview for Hiring a Car Driver

Unlike the general process of Interview, the Car Drivers are interviewed in a different way. Checking the application of the Driver for any missing information. Enquire him regarding any gaps in work history, his driving experience regarding the type of the Vehicle you will be assigning him to drive in the future. Testing the Driver is very important before handing off keys to him. The testing process involves a written exam, road test, a skills test, psychological evaluation, pre-trip inspection test, physical exam, credit checks and background checks. 

Make sure that you do all the required tests to evaluate his performance in driving. It is very important to verify the information and check references before you hire him. Also, look at his performance in the past as it enables us to analyze his chances of occurrence of accidents.

Follow this Checklist and it will definitely help you in hiring a safe driver for your car avoiding higher chances of accidents. Be Safe!

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