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Dutch Group IamExpat Launches in Switzerland

Dutch Group IamExpat Launches in Switzerland

Developed to keep expats in the loop, the Dutch platform IamExpat has now expanded its operations to Switzerland. According to the co-founders of SweetestHome, IamExpat has been providing tips to the 70,000-strong international community in the Netherlands since its humble beginnings in 2009. “The company, IamExpat Media, is now ready to also bring its services to over 2 million foreigners living in Switzerland,” the website states.

“There are so many different reasons internationals from all over the world live and work [in Switzerland], so launching felt like a natural next step,” said the website’s co-founder Sergios Charalampos.

The English-language platform represents IamExpat Media’s second such site outside the Netherlands. The company launched a similar website in Germany in 2019, which has attracted over four million views over the period of the last 12 months. 

Charalampos says that while the websites are designed to make the lives of expats easier, they are all a little bit different. “IamExpat Media is founded and run by expats, so we know that the nature of the issues expats face are similar. But the ways these problems can be solved differ – sometimes dramatically – from country to country,’ he says. “We are following the same formula we use for our other sites in the Netherlands and Germany but adjusted to the needs of the local expat community [in Switzerland].”

The free-to-use platform offers a huge variety of content tailored to the specific needs of the international community. Aside from breaking news, IamExpat keeps foreigners up to date about issues such as health insurance, taxation, banking and residential permits. There are also housing and job listings for expats, as well as entertainment information and lifestyle tips. 

While he says that the company is taking things one step at a time, Charalampos is not ruling out further expansion in the future. “Once we feel that our platform in one country is on the right path and has a significant impact on the life of the ex-pats there, then we start evaluating other destinations. We go for quality over quantity.”

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