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OROKLINI, Cyprus, Sept. 15, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — DXone, the next-generation crypto intelligence and trading platform, launched recently and continues to grow with more than 2,000 traders signed up. With plans to expand beyond blockchain markets, DXone CEO Luciano Nonnis and his team built a platform swift enough for traditional markets, but tailored first for digital assets. 

In addition to a proprietary digital asset exchange, DXone developed a customisable market research and trading platform. By simply dragging and dropping HTML5-based widgets from a widget library, users can personalize their trading experience with real time research and trading tools. While other portals require significant investments to use such tools, DXone provides these free of charge.

Despite hundreds of exchanges on the market, few offer an easy-to-use, high-quality experience. They undermine traders’ efficiency, instead of empowering them to trade effectively and to excel.

They also don’t provide traders with the tools they need to be successful. Traders might need to use dozens of websites for their analysis. On DXone, however, all of the market research they need is at their fingertips, including leading blockchain news feeds.

While some exchanges specialize in listing as many tokens as possible and others specialize in trading utility, DXone specializes in professional access to digital asset markets and is one of the first movers in this exciting new industry of tokenised crypto exchanges.

Nonnis and his team of tokenomics experts designed a transparent dual-token model, in which investors and users have access to two separate tokens, each serving different purposes. The DX1S security token provides revenue-sharing via monthly payments and will be classed as a regulated and publicly available tokenised asset under the purview of FMA Liechtenstein.

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The DX1U utility token provides traders with permanent and sizable discounts on their trading fees. Whereas other exchanges offer single-use discounted trading fees in a “token spending model,” DXone has designed a “token holding model.”

In this model, DXone traders receive the benefit of discounted trading fees so long as they maintain a minimum number of DX1U tokens in their exchange account. DX1U tokens held by traders in their wallets will not be deducted when using them to save on trading fees.

For an investor, tokenised assets provide the opportunity to earn dividends. For the user of a platform, they can provide a certain utility. With so many tokens enhancing decentralized solutions, however, Nonnis decided to take a markedly novel approach with DXone.

“There should always be a centralised counterparty to decentralised solutions, as competition ensures innovation so the industry can serve a wide range of needs,” he said.

Nonnis added: “Regulated tokenised assets, such as security tokens, constitute the frontier of blockchain today. They help to ease access to traditional assets with added security, faster settlement times, transparency and perhaps even represent a new asset classes entirely.”

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