E-Learning Resources and Solutions for British Students

The virtual learning environment and the learning management system have become a new reality in education during the COVID-19 outbreak. Schools, colleges, and universities worldwide are closed to slow down the spread of coronavirus, but there are plenty of online learning resources that can help students keep learning away from the classroom.

 We have brought together an initial list of best online learning resources for British students to continue their studies during periods of colleges and universities closure.

 In the list below, you’ll find online courses, academic resources, and distance learning management systems for your comfort when you think of how to write my assignment or continue my course studies. We have categorized as top online learning sites because all of them tend to have a wide reach, a strong user-base, and evidence of impact.

E-Learning Resources and Solutions for British Students

Distance Learning Solutions:

During the virus outbreak, have you at least once asked yourself how to write my assignment at uk.edubirdie on a topic you could barely understand from online materials? Don’t panic; we weren’t all meant to be professional writers. Whether you’re studying in the UK or in another country, homework is always tough itself, and it becomes even harder when there’s nobody around. This is when my assignment help is at your service.

Apart from this, there are some digital solutions that can help you to have a constant connection with your teacher. 


This intelligent tool combines learning pathways with micro-exercises to approach knowledge gaps and misconceptions and support long-term memory retention on the neuroscience level.


This digital-learning management system offers tools and resources to manage classrooms and engage students from despite the social-distancing.

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Digital learning platform with education resources for improving user’s literacy and numeracy.

Google Classroom 

It helps learners and educators to advance their collaboration and keep all assignments organized with improved communication. 


Community-driven platform to create personalized educational conditions. It operates at academic and business levels.

E-Learning Resources and Solutions for British Students

 Online Courses:


 1000+ free online courses for education and professional up-skill anywhere, anytime (even during the quarantine).

Canvas Network 

 A place for students, teachers, and institutions to support lifelong learning, personal growth, and professional development.


 Join 50+ million international community of independent learners. On Coursera, you can find courses, certificates and degrees from Yale, IBM, Google, and 200 other world-class institutions and companies.

Future Learn 

 Online courses for learning, developing professional skills and connecting with expert educators from leading universities.

Khan Academy 

 Despite your field of interest and level of academic/professional expertise, you’re guaranteed to find something new that you would like to learn. Free online lectures, instructional videos, practice tasks, and specialized content from institutions like NASA are available in more than 40 languages.

European Schoolnet Academy

 Being a network of 30+ European Ministries of Education, this non-profitable initiative provides free courses for teachers’ professional development online. 


 Originated by Harvard and MIT, this reliable platform contains more than 2500 online courses from top-ranked educational institutions and industry-leading companies across the globe.

 Academic Resources: 


 The TED-Ed project makes short video lessons aimed at students and educators. Within TED-Ed’s growing library you’ll find hundreds of animated lessons on all subjects and topics for discussion – it probably worth a closer look.

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Academic Earth

 Here you will access an extensive collection of online courses from the top universities of the world. Plus, you’ll get a chance to advance in your current field or just to explore a new academic topic.

BBC Podcasts

 This leading service broadcaster contains more than UK-radio networks and most-watched television services. During the coronavirus outbreak, the BBC also offers the biggest online education push since it has been launched. Check it out and find something for you. 


 Free online resources that virtually cover all academic subjects for global classrooms. 

Stanford Online

 Choose from a robust catalogue of education programs along with a free content aimed to expand your learning and advance your professional growth.

 A useful platform for those who want to learn business, technology, software or develop own creative skills. can help you to achieve both personal and professional goals. Its hundreds of how-to videos are available in five languages. 

Final Words

Today, the way organizations and educators create courses is dramatically changing. Either you want to do my assignment uk or check out the latest online lecture from your professor, it can’t be a problem even during the pandemics. Through digital means, learning is on tap, and it doesn’t take long to find out any piece of information or to develop a particular skill.

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