E.ON is putting my squeaky-clean credit history in danger

I have been hounded by E.ON for more than six months for a debt I don’t owe. As soon as I moved into my rented property I arranged for Utility Warehouse to supply me with gas and electricity. A month later, I began to receive bills from E.ON. I sent proof that they were not, and had never been, my energy supplier. Nonetheless, I’ve since received numerous bills and phone calls and am always told that “as long as it is on the system you will receive calls from us”. Recently E.ON decided it did not supply me with gas, but I am still being pursued for electricity charges plus a debt collection agency fee. I am now being threatened with bailiffs’ visits, bailiffs’ charges and supply disconnection. I am a single parent and looking to apply for a mortgage soon, but I am very worried that my squeaky-clean credit history will be affected.
CS, Wirral, Merseyside

This is depressingly similar to the story of another reader who was hounded by British Gas for a stranger’s debt after her name was confused with someone at the opposite end of the country . The frustration is that neither company heeded the evidence that they were pursuing the wrong person, until the media spotlight swivelled their way.

E.ON says: “The situation was caused by a system failure in the change of supplier process before CS moved into the property, which meant the supply continued to appear on our systems. We’ve now updated the records. We appreciate this does not meet the excellent service we strive for.”

You were sent an apology and £110 in compensation, a sum you found derisory after the weeks of effort and distress.

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