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Labour in focus ahead of Birmingham manifesto launch

The big event of the day will be the Labour party’s manifesto launch, set to take place in Birmingham later this morning.

Jeremy Corbyn will be looking to take hold of the campaign narrative as he sets out plans for £400bn of extra borrowing and a big increase in taxes on big business and high earners to pay for a rise in public spending.

Housing will be a key centrepiece of the event, with Mr Corbyn vowing to spend £75bn on the biggest social housebuilding programme since the 1960s, setting a target of delivering 150,000 new government-supported homes a year by the end of the next parliament.

Also likely to feature is a windfall tax on the oil industry as part of the party’s attempt to shift the UK towards a low-carbon, green economy — a move that will anger union officials worried about jobs in the North Sea.

In the papers

Labour might be looking to grab the headlines today, but the party will need to dislodge Prince Andrew, who again dominates the front pages. The election, meanwhile, is largely absent.

After a brief period of respite the Duke of York is back in focus after he announced he was withdrawing from public duties amid the fallout from his connection to the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. Almost every major British paper — tabloid and spreadsheet alike — lead on that news.

At the FT, we have run with the Trump impeachment inquiry, after the US ambassador to the EU, Gordon Sondland, testified that he was following the president’s orders when he pressured Ukraine to announce a politically-motivated investigation.

Welcome back

We are off again.

Yesterday the Liberal Democrats were in the spotlight as they launched their election manifesto in north London. Today it is the turn of the Labour party.

Jeremy Corbyn will look to kickstart the party’s campaign in earnest with sweeping pledges on housing, climate and nationalisation as he makes his pitch to voters.


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