Electric cars: a long way to go

Adam Vaughn’s experience of driving an electric vehicle (One Man and his Tesla, 27 July) demonstrates the real need we have for a truly national, visible network in this country if drivers are to confidently switch from petrol or diesel, which is a key recommendation of the UK’s first-ever National Infrastructure Assessment.

We also make a key recommendation that government should place a requirement on local councils to work with charge point providers to allocate 5% of their parking spaces to electric vehicles by 2020, and 20% by 2025, which may be converted to electric vehicle charge points.

This should help towards ending the practice of owners of petrol and diesel cars taking up spaces where electric cars can be charged, and should encourage greater take-up of this cleaner technology.
John Armitt
National Infrastructure Commission

I was very much entertained and amused by Adam Vaughan’s story. However, as a Tesla owner and driver in Norway since December, 2014, I was rather disappointed that his journey should have caused him so much anxiety. I am sure a similar excursion in Norway would have gone more smoothly.

No doubt Adam Vaughan had his reasons for choosing his route. A quick consultation with the UK Tesla Supercharger map showed me that choosing a more westerly route to go past Warwick and a “Charnock Richard” on the M6 for 40-minute charges at Tesla Superchargers there and a 20-minute charge at one near Gretna Green would have got him from Brighton to Edinburgh in about 10 hours and with considerably less hassle. I hope Britain continues to invest in electric cars and infrastructure; they are the future.
Odd A Jakobsen
Bergen, Norway 

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