Electric circuit: the UK's first EV-only track day

The newer ID 3 fares better, suffering no such issues, and the owner reports that the lowered springs make it a lot less rolly than a standard car. However, the issue here is the tyres, with the front left taking a beating and getting hot. Tyres are even more of a challenge on the heavier, faster cars, though. Both a Tesla Model 3 and a Porsche Taycan end up shredding the shoulder of their front left Michelins down to the cords.

There is huge enthusiasm here for EVs, and not necessarily in an Elon Musk-deifying way. The people here also have Subaru rally cars and Nissan GT-Rs, or run a workshop specialising in engine conversions, but EVs have opened up a different perspective, the possibility of a different kind of performance.

“You still hear a lot that EVs have got no soul or character,” says Chambers. “To me, that is secondary. It’s all about performance as far as I’m concerned.”

Although there is clearly a growing group of owners who want to use their EVs on track, this event won’t turn into a regular fixture for the time being. “I’m not setting myself up to be another track-day operator,” says Chambers. “It was really to prove a point to say that we could do it, and make it a bit of a landmark event.” A good point, well made.

EV event organiser also tunes Teslas

Given how much Tesla’s Elon Musk talks about how his cars will drive themselves, the blisteringly fast but heavy and slightly stodgy-looking Model 3 might seem an unlikely track car. However, Chambers, who has a background in motorsport, was immediately convinced by the Model 3’s performance and handling.

He also saw room for improvement, though, and now offers a selection of parts through his business, Tevo Solutions, to improve the ride, reduce brake fade and tame tyre wear on the track.

We took his demonstrator out for a couple of laps, and it felt remarkably neutral, with sharp turn-in, good adjustability on and off the power, and brakes that withstand a beating on track. And while you might miss a nice engine note on a B-road, when you’re focusing on lines and braking points, that doesn’t matter quite as much.


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