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Electroneum[ETN] records steady gains for 2 days as blockchain network upgrades for… – OBN

Electroneum is ranked at #110 on coinmarketcap. The price of Electroneum is at $0.006467.

A surge of 13.69% was felt in the course of the past 24-hours. The recorded trading volume is $1.265 million. The total market cap for Electroneum is $62.205 million according to the latest data.

The supply has 9,727,690,574 ETN tokens in play. An article claims that miners have been replaced on the network, with charities and other NPOs. It states that the coin has become much less decentralized.

However, this has been disputed, as many users have reported that mining is still ongoing. The Electroneum CEO Richard Ells says, ” it’s opened the door to the future in terms of scalability…”

Although, mining reduced has gone down by 75%. The names of the charities and NGOs who have begun mining have been withheld till now. Now the organizations will be able to earn a ton of money.

It also leaves the door open for speculation. Who are these individuals who prefer to remain shrouded in mystery? As the ones reaping the benefits from the blockchain, shouldn’t their identities be immediately revealed so as to promote a non-biased mechanism?

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For the last 48-hours, ETN has displayed a great bullish climb. It has climbed by more than 15 ranks since. Will the buyers keep the momentum up, or will the token start trading in the red zone in a day?

What is your opinion on their latest update?


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