Electronic Signature Software: A List of the Best Programs for Working with Documents

Electronic Signature Software: A List of the Best Programs for Working with Documents

Quality and speed are the basis for the success of your business. It’s not just about shipping goods or providing services, but also about the initial interaction with customers: submitting a price offer, signing a contract. If the paperwork is delayed, there are reproaches for managers. To speed up the processes, use digital signature. But keep in mind that for this you need to choose the appropriate software.

In the software segment there are many variations for working with documents. Below you will find the best applications that are recommended for large and small businesses:

  • PDFelement — electronic signature software with a variety of features;
  • Adobe Acrobat DC — an application from a popular developer;
  • HelloSign — it is used for mobile devices;
  • E-Lock — provides the possibility to sign several documents simultaneously;
  • DocuSign — efficient program, it is more suitable for experienced users (there is no built-in training);
  • AssureSign — proven software for medium and large businesses. But the developers have not created a mobile application. 

The peculiarity of these programs is that they require a monetary investment. Some variants offer free versions, but their functionality is limited. If you want to expand the tasks, you will have to buy a tariff plan.

Pandadoc — a Modern Solution for Business Stability

Another esignature application is Pandadoc. It is worth considering separately from the rest of the software. This is due to its enormous popularity, the availability of numerous functions and free distribution. The developers understand that at the stage of starting a business, it is difficult to allocate funds to optimize processes. That’s why they offer the use of software without cost.

Pandadoc is a modern cryptographic tool designed for e-signature use. It will help you reduce the time you spend on certain tasks related to the preparation of documents. Just think about it: until digital signatures were created, you had to spend money on printing out requests and contracts, coordinating them with the responsible employees. For example, with the accounting department, the legal department, and the logistics center. This took a lot of time. Especially if changes had to be made, documents had to be re-printed and the process had to be started from scratch.

With the appearance of Pandadoc, all approval steps take a minimum of time. The developers offer special templates for creating requests and contracts. For the formation of commercial proposals, information from the catalog of goods/services is used. Each employee authorized to check a document can perform his task remotely. This is ideal for frequent business trips. In this case, you do not have to wait for the employee to return to town. He will be able to review the document and make edits from anywhere.

Using an electronic signature app, there is no need to print the contract for the client. The prepared (signed) document is sent to the other party. This is done instantly thanks to synchronization with Google, Dropbox. Presence of e-signature indicates that the document belongs to you, has legal force. It cannot be changed by those who are not listed in the settings. This eliminates the distortion of information, which is important for the integrity of the business.

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