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Elite CurrenSea, a European Fintech Startup in Algo Trading Presents an Elliot Waves Trading Tool

Elite CurrenSea, a European Fintech Startup in Algo Trading Presents an Elliot Waves Trading Tool

Elite CurrenSea has become a prominent player in the European trading industry throughout the past few years. It is a brand that operates under the SonderSpot OU’s, Nenad Kerkez, and Chris Svorcik’s direct supervision. Along with numerous advanced algorithmic trading tools, Elite CurrenSea also serves as an educational services company, offering numerous guides, courses, books, and tutorials for various kinds of traders.

RCS has recently offered one of the most useful and widely recognized tools for Elliott Waves trading to a broad audience of traders worldwide. The Simple Wave Analysis and Trading (SWAT 2.0) software is fully equipped in accordance with the needs and requirements of Elliott Waves theory and provides an in-depth analysis of markets based on the components and elements of EW trading concepts. The SWAT software takes a completely unique approach to EW trading, which we will cover in greater detail in the article below.

Elliot Waves Theory and Trading

Ralph Nelson Elliott discovered one thing about price action charts in 1934. He saw an intrinsic narrative and not the chaotic, unpredictable way that everyone thought the market trends would behave. Elliott noticed that movements were following a predictable pattern. These cycles were the dominant emotions of investors around the world and reappear on the market from now to then. These swings, which were a reflection of traders’ emotions, got the name “waves”.

Ralph Elliott borrowed three impulses from the Dow Theory, and two correlations. The Elliott Wave theory, however, is a remarkable concept that has helped to describe the fractal nature of the financial markets. It is accepted by most traders and used daily by both novice and experienced traders. EW theory is utilized by traders to identify the most destructive wave formations that can later be used in their favor. EW theory can also be used in conjunction with other principles such as Fibonacci ratios and Support & Resist levels.

SWAT – Trade Currencies and Cfds Using Elliott Wave

SWAT stands to represent the Simple Wave Analysis and Trading (SWAT2.0). This revolutionary MetaTrader 4-resembling system is often used by different types of traders as a powerful Eliot Waves tool for Forex and CFDs trading, as it is suitable for various trading strategies and applications. The SWAT is becoming more popular with Elliott Wave traders because it incorporates Forex wave analysis into EW trader’s routines. SWAT’s extensive toolbox of theoretical rules and advanced tools allows users to efficiently approach both the trending and ranging markets. Guides that are included with the system give insight into how Elliott wave Forex analysis is applied and indicate which indicators are used to determine entry and exit levels, and scale in and out.

SWAT is a reliable resource for Elliott Wave analysis, offering both rule-based and discretionary-based solutions. One of the most unique features of SWAT is Wizz Target Levels. This allows traders to identify wide-open areas on price charts and use Elliot Wave analysis to determine the trending points using Fibonacci sequence levels. Wizz levels can also be used to target existing trades in a safe manner.

SWAT also offers lifetime access and use of world-class strategy templates and indicators with custom-designed analysis tools. Users can use three different dashboards to track markets and conduct multiple analyses. There are no hidden fees or upgrade requirements. Elliott Wave traders have access to SWAT and many educational materials. This includes videos, templates, and additional indicators.

Risk management was another important aspect that SWAT engineers paid attention to. Clients have access to multiple risk and trade management settings, as well as money management systems like a risk to reward (R:R) and take-profits or stop-loss. SWAT offers live trading sessions for advanced traders but only for a short time. These live trading sessions give an insight into Chris’s use of Elliott Wave analysis in Forex trading.

What Does SWAT Offer that Other Platforms Lack?

Let’s take a look at the details to see what SWAT has to offer. There are three types of SWAT approaches – discretionary (entry options, analysis), Elliott Wave strategies, (trend and reverses), and rule-based. These include MACD, Basic Classic, Classic, and Professional. The educational package also includes Forex basics, a 13-hour course that covers MetaTrader 4, Candles and Trend Channels as well as Patterns, and more. SWAT is a 9-hour course that covers proprietary tools and strategies, 3 trading approaches, and more. The following are the indicators available for SWAT 2.0:

  • MACD

We must also address the price of the product. SWAT’s price will be different for wave traders than non-wave traders. For 473 euros, those who are familiar with Elliott Waves trading will be able to subscribe to a monthly SWAT Plan. This plan includes the platform, setups, and the listed technical indicators. SWAT offers simple indicators like swat.CANDLES and moving averages. It does not include the EW theory. You can subscribe for 4 months for 695 euro, which includes platform and setups.

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