Elon Musk under fire: Eerie Neuralink monkey video sparks online outrage – 'This is sick'

But what is even more incredible than the monkey keeping up with the game, is the fact it does so without the use of its hands.

The Neuralink chips in the monkey’s brain allow Pager to control the game’s paddle simply by thinking about it.

A narrator in the video says: “One of the things Neuralinks allow Pager to do, is to play his favourite video game, Pong.

“To control his paddle on the right side of the screen, Pager simply thinks about moving his hand up or down. We’ve removed the joystick altogether.”

As bizarre as it may seem, Mr Musk believes brain-computer interfaces like Neuralink will open up a whole new world for people with disabilities.

For instance, the SpaceX and Tesla chief said on Friday Neuralink will enable people with paralysis to use their smartphones “faster than someone using thumbs”.


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