Elon Musk never lacked ambition, and this could be one of the reasons why he came up with various companies and startups that offer innovative solutions and products. SpaceX cut the cost of entry for satellite launches and opened a floodgate of opportunities for researchers. Recently, the CEO shared two interesting tweets that surprised the online world.

It seems that Elon Musk has made it a part of his life mission to create a human colony on Mars. He also insisted several times that it is possible to turn Mars into a lot like Earth so long as we are able to unlock the carbon dioxide concealed inside the ice, rock, and soil on the red planet. While not many scientists are aligned with his idea, the CEO recently hinted that he is ready to argue with others on the idea of nuking Mars as seen on his tweet.

Nuking Mars is Elon Musk’s reference to a theory that by one or more massive bombs onto the poles of the red planet, the carbon dioxide trapped inside the planet would be released that would give the planet the right kind of atmosphere suitable for humans from Earth. Mars has a very thin atmosphere, but it is one percent less dense compared to Earth. Changing the density of the planet’s atmosphere could potentially allow it to keep heat and could bring it a little closer to being a habitable planet for humans.

Bombing the poles of the red planet according to research, would not release enough carbon dioxide that would be worth the trouble. But, Elon Musk disagreed with the research publicly. Aside from his tweet about nuking Mars, the Tesla CEO also gave a warning that our planet has no defense against gargantuan asteroids.

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The billionaire made this eerie statement about the defense capabilities of the Earth on his official Twitter account after Joe Rogan shared an article from a British newspaper. The article talks about how NASA is currently preparing for the arrival of God of Chaos, the space rock that was named after Apophis. Although Elon Musk praised that the name was great, he said that he would not worry about this rock.

He continued that he is more worried about a massive rock that will eventually hit our planet and that we do not have any defense at the moment. According to a report, the massive rock measures 340-meters wide is on a track which brings it within a short distance on the surface of our planet. NASA once dreaded that it would hit the Earth, but subsequent calculations discovered that it would miss our planet and pass 19,000 miles of the Earth’s surface. In cosmic terms, it is just a hair’s breadth.



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