Endometriosis diagnosis: How to tell if you have endometriosis – is there a cure?

How to tell if you have endometriosis

The symptoms of endometriosis are expansive and overlap with a number of other conditions, so it’s tricky to get a diagnosis.

Mr Chatterjee explained that unlike regular period pains, the symptoms associated with endometriosis are painful periods that are usually not relieved with painkillers.

On top of the period pains, you may also experience persistent pelvic pain which gets worse during the periods.

Endometriosis can also cause a sense of heaviness in their pelvis and lower backache.

Mr Chatterjee added: “Some of the words used to describe pelvic and period pain associated with endometriosis are, stabbing, spasmodic, dull aching, constant throbbing, sharp agonising, shooting and cramping.”


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