Enjoy Concerts Protecting Your Ears

Enjoy Concerts Protecting Your Ears

Don’t you wonder how you can enjoy concerts and also protect your ears?

We all love concerts, especially when our favorite bands are performing. At that time, we don’t care how loud or noisy the environment is; we just want to enjoy the moment.

But this, in particular, can lead to various kinds of hearing problems because the intense sounds can indeed lead to damage to your hearing.

Moreover, you can’t take it lightly. So, in this article, I’ll tell you all the ways of how you can enjoy concerts protecting your ears as well.

Therefore, read till the end to know it all!

Ways to Protect Your Ears During a Heavy Concert

The following methods that you are going to read now are suggested by more than 500+ internationally recognized experts and doctors. So be a sponge-reader and suck in all the information because your ears are worth protecting!

Plugin Earplugs

Earplugs are comparatively cheap and easy to protect your ears. Yes, no need to worry, you’ll still be able to enjoy and hear your favorite band’s music.

Just make sure you grab a pair of musician-grade ear protectors that will reduce the intensity of the sound entering your ears.

The reason is when intense sounds reach into your ears; the eardrums start to vibrate vigorously. And this severe vibration might even lead to future problems like partial hearing loss or even deafness.

Even ear specialists suggest their patients take these precautions to avoid future problems with their ears.

Stay Back

I know it can be challenging for you to stay away from your favorite band. But you need to make some sacrifices if you want to keep your ears healthy.

So, I’ll recommend you throw out the first row. The more you stand close to the stage, the more chances you will be exposed to intense sounds. This will increase the chances of damaging your ears even further.

At first, you might enjoy a lot staying in the front row, watching your favorite band singing and entertaining. But the moment the concert is over, it will leave your ears buzzing and ringing.

This can indeed have an intense effect on your ears.

Go for Short Breaks

Isn’t it so fun listening to your favorite band for two straight hours?

Yes, indeed it is! But this can have a devastating effect on your ears because you give your ears a slight break to relax.

Although you might have been enjoying the entire time, the intense noises and sounds were a load for your delicate ears.

So, next time you go to a concert, make sure that you take a five minutes break to let your ears get adjusted with the average noise levels. Trust me; this break is worth it!

Healthy Noise Diet

Just like when you have a heavy meal, you go on a diet (only if you are a health-conscious person) the next day. Similarly, when your ears had a heavy sound meal in the concert, you need a noise diet!

After you get back home from the concert, do turn the volumes of your headphones, television, music system, or any other device that will expose sounds to your ears. This will allow your ears to adjust to the average daily sounds. And you can also keep your ears healthy.

Outdoor Concerts are Better than Indoors

Honestly, outdoor concerts are far soothing and less damaging to the ears compared to indoor shows.

The primary reason is in outdoor concerts; the sounds are spread or dissipated all around the surroundings. On the other hand, indoor concerts take place in a huge room covered with walls and ceilings. So, there’s no place for the sound to spread or dissipate.

Therefore, even when the volume is lowered, the sounds seem to be louder because there’s no place for these noises to go.

So, when you are paying a visit to an indoor concert, do make sure to wear ear protection as mentioned in this article.

Give Rest to Your Ears a Week Before the Concert

Ear damage is slow and cumulative. So, it would help if you stayed gentle with your ears a week before the mega-concert.

This will give your ears a proper rest, and the chances of damage will decrease.

For instance, if you love to hear music and podcasts on your earphones, then make sure that you keep the volumes down at all times. This will keep your ears relaxed, and you’ll not be putting a lot of stress on your ears.

But I’ll recommend that it’s better to skip listening to music or podcasts before the big event.

Limit the Consumption of Alcohol

Come on, you are at a concert, and you won’t consume alcohol? Yes, indeed, you can drink alcohol when you are in beast mode with the beats!

But do remember not to exceed your consumption level as this can have a significant impact on your ears.

The reason is when you take in alcohol, the blood flow in your ears increases, and this can skyrocket your blood pressure. And this can lead you to tinnitus, a ringing feel in your ears.

This particular condition can be very severe as this can lead to permanent hearing loss as well.

Bottom Line

It really doesn’t matter what type of music concerts you are attending; it’s always crucial that you take all the necessary precautions to keep your ears protected at all costs.

And suppose if you start to face any difficulties regarding your ears or hearing, don’t hesitate to consult with an audiologist as he’ll be able to help you with further treatment and medications.

So, till then, try to keep your ears protected by following these instructions. I hope now you know all the drills to enjoy concerts and also protect your ears.


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