Ensure Faster SEO Results by Employing Technical SEO Audit

The primary objective of any business is to gain profit. This can only happen when you have a considerable customer base. This will not come automatically if you have a website or invest any standard business marketing campaigns. You will need to make sure that you also invest in the latest SEO techniques that will help you to stay competitive and ahead of others in 2020 and beyond.

However, merely employing a Search Marketing Agency that knows a lot about SEO practices is not enough. You will need to conduct an SEO audit from time to time to measure the performance of your site. The best review that will help you to quantify the performance of your website is a technical SEO audit.

This is the first step for doing a thorough review of your website. This is because you will first need to make sure that the search engines indeed find your site and can access it easily to index your pages without facing any issues of complications.

Do not be confused with the term ‘technical’ involved in it because there are not many technicalities involved in it. You will not need to be a system administrator or developer to conduct a technical SEO audit. There are a few specific steps that you will need to follow and also tally with the checklist for it.

Registration of Your Website

The first thing that you will need to check is whether or not your site is registered with Google search console and the Bing webmaster tools. If not, get it done immediately as a top priority.

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The Google search console is a free tool that will provide webmasters with all the relevant information about your website. The different tools options and reports will enable Google to know all that it needs to know to rank your site and ensure a higher SEO. These things include:

  • The number of pages submitted to Google
  • The number of pages that are indexed
  • Security issues
  • Indexing issues related to your site
  • The keywords your website is ranking
  • The keywords that generated Google traffic

It will also come to know about the problems on your site when it comes to mobile usability and several other things.

The Preferred Domain Names

You will also need to check whether or not you have specified a favorite domain in the Google Search Console. This is an essential aspect because Google will consider websites differently merely due to the domain name. For example, the domain name of a site that starts with https://www will be regarded as a different site from a place that begins with https:// only.

This will create a duplicate content issue that you should avoid, and that can only be done by specifying your preferred domain. You can do this by setting the canonical or official URLs correctly.

Optimization of the robots.txt file

Next, check your robot.txt file, which should be ideally optimized. This is a file that every website has. The purpose of this file is to determine which specific page of your site will be accessible by the crawlers of the search engine.

If there is an error in your robots.txt file, it will result in some serious indexing issues. Therefore, optimizing your robots.txt file should feature high on your priority list.

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SEO Friendly URLs

You must also review the URL structure of your site and make sure that it is SEO friendly. You may argue at this point that most website development platforms and CMS nowadays do not care for it too much as they have this configured correctly. However, it is always better to check this as well.

  • Make sure that you check the URLs for each specific page
  • Make sure that these are unique and
  • All these URLs are correctly formatted.

All useful URLs that are correctly formatted will include the keyword or keywords in it. However, this does not mean it has to be keyword-stuffed. Ideally, it should use hyphens to separate the keywords. Most importantly, it is essential to make sure that thee unique URLs for each page less than 255 characters, including the name of the domain.

Look at the Breadcrumbs

Next, you must check out the breadcrumb and ensure that it is menu activated. This breadcrumb menu is usually located at the top of the page. It helps the users in easy navigation as they can navigate back to the homepage by simply following the links on the menu.

You must follow the recommendations of Google, which says that all sites should have a breadcrumb menu. Also, make sure that the breadcrumb menu is configured correctly.

Structured Data Enabled

Structured data is critical nowadays and will also continue to be for the years to come. The addition of this structured data markup to a web page it will help Google in many ways, such as it will help it to understand:

  • The site
  • The context
  • The content and it’s meaning.
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This will significantly help in the ranking of the site because Google will use this structured data markup to improve the presentation of a website in the search results. It will also help in voice searches.

The structured data must be enabled for different things that you should check during your technical SEO audit. These are:

  • The homepage including the logo
  • The breadcrumb menus
  • The articles and
  • The products.

This will ensure that you have the best SEO results not only for your site but also for the product page SEO.

Other things to check

There are a few other things that you should check while conducting technical SEO. These things include:

  • Whether or not the page is 404 Page optimized
  • Whether or not the XML sitemap is optimized
  • Whether or not your site is HTTPS to ensure safety and security to the users
  • Whether it is fast enough to download
  • Whether it is mobile friendly and
  • Whether it is available in multiple languages.

All these will ensure that your site is structurally and technically optimized, and you can expect better SEO results and higher site ranking.


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