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CHANDLER, Ariz., Jan. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Chandler Innovations, the city’s business incubation and entrepreneurial development program, is offering its Track One course that walks entrepreneurs through the proof of concept process and the creation of a minimum viable product.

“We are excited to have thirteen companies joining in January,” said Diana White, CEO of Chandler Innovations. “This course is a critical step in product and customer discovery. Understanding how your solution solves a pain point for the customer leads to better chances of a rewarding product launch.”

Jasmine Holmes, Program Instructor for Chandler Innovations, is the facilitator of the program. With over 15 years of graphic design and marketing experience, Holmes brings creative and analytical skills to help entrepreneurs work through the formation of their idea.

“Starting a new business can be challenging, and most fail within the first few years,” said Holmes. “Our curriculum is designed to help entrepreneurs avoid pitfalls while putting them on the path to rapid growth. We’re building strong businesses that in turn, make Chandler a strong and thriving community.”

The entrepreneurs are enthusiastic about joining the program. Mari-Jon, LLC, is one of the companies enrolled in Track One. Angela Green, Co-founder and CFO of Mari-Jon, learned of the program through the City of Chandler.

We at Mari-Jon are beyond excited and honored to have been accepted into the Chandler Innovations Program,” said Green. “We have heard so many amazing things about it and are looking forward to utilizing all of the resources they have to offer. We truly feel they will assist Mari-Jon in reaching its fullest potential in the biotech and medical security industry.”

The startups meet weekly for two hours to review past concepts and learn about new topics. Post-work is provided to help the founders apply what they’ve learned to their projects.

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About Chandler Innovations: Chandler Innovations is a business incubation program for tech-focused businesses. The program is sponsored by the City of Chandler and powered by Moonshot at NACET. Chandler Innovations offers four track-programs throughout the year for those who work, live or own property in Chandler. It also offers entrepreneurship mentoring and community events.

Diana White
CEO, Chandler Innovations

SOURCE Chandler Innovations Incubator

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