Equity mutual fund category witnesses net outflows in September

Multi cap schemes were the biggest losers among equity mutual funds in September. The category witnessed a net outflow of Rs 1,143.86 crore, shows Amfi monthly data. Other categories that saw net outflows this month were large cap, mid cap, focussed funds and ELSSs. This is for the first time in this financial year that ELSS schemes saw outflows. ELSSs saw an outflow worth Rs 38.87 crore.

The top gainers in the equity segment were focused funds and large & mid cap funds.

Interestingly, small cap funds saw inflows worth 132.91 crores in September. The category has seen outflows for the two months.

Category Net inflow/ outflow
Multi Cap Fund -1,143.86
Large Cap Fund -576.09
Large & Mid Cap Fund 621.48
Mid Cap Fund -67.61
Small Cap Fund 132.91
Dividend Yield Fund -9.83
Value Fund/Contra Fund -488.66
Focused Fund 823.53
Sectoral/Thematic Funds 12.60
ELSS -38.87

Source: Amfi

On the debt mutual fund side, liquid funds saw huge net outflows. Ultra short duration funds and money market funds, and gilt funds also saw outflows. Banking & PSU funds and floater funds saw good net inflows. Long duration funds had seen net inflows till last month. Credit risk funds continued to witness outflows in September.

Category Net inflow/ outflow
Overnight Fund 4,188.03
Liquid Fund -65,951.79
Ultra Short Duration Fund -4,867.35
Low Duration Fund 1,817.64
Money Market Fund -4,856.77
Short Duration Fund 3,853.18
Medium Duration Fund 1,304.31
Medium to Long Duration Fund 608.39
Long Duration Fund -34.01
Dynamic Bond Fund 651.27
Corporate Bond Fund 716.71
Credit Risk Fund -539.54
Banking and PSU Fund 6,415.75
Gilt Fund -483.02
Gilt Fund with 10 year constant duration 15.73
Floater Fund 5,199.32

Apart from multi asset allocation funds, all other hybrid fund categories saw outflows in September. The biggest loser in this segment were the aggressive hybrid funds which saw net outflows worth Rs 2004.27 crore.

Category Net inflow/ outflow
Conservative Hybrid Fund 52.87
Balanced Hybrid Fund/Aggressive Hybrid Fund -2,004.27
Dynamic Asset Allocation/Balanced Advantage -243.83
Multi Asset Allocation 37.21
Arbitrage Fund -1,732.47
Equity Savings -328.53

Source: Amfi

Gold ETFs saw a dip in inflows for a consecutive second month. The inflows in gold ETFs stood at 597.26 crore in September vis-a-vis 907.85 crore in August. Index funds also had net inflows in September.

Category Net inflow/ outflow
Index Funds 397.75
Gold ETF 597.26
Other ETFs 3,515.14
Fund of Funds investing overseas 1,520.37

Source: Amfi


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