Ethfinex Crypto Trading Platform Adds BOX and CNN Tokens, Both Content Blockchain Projects


Ethfinex Adds Two Content Virtual Assets, Content Industry Flourishes With Blockchain Expansions

September 20th, 2018 saw the Twitter declaration by the virtual asset trading platform, Ethfinex, asserting that it will start supporting ContenBox (BOX), as well as Content Neutrality Network (CNN) virtual assets for trading the US dollar and Ethereum (ETH) markets.

The two virtual assets make up the bionetwork where content solutions are established on the innovative blockchain technology. On its approved Twitter post, the trading platform notified its consumers that it will not impose any charges for the added pairs for three days.

The two virtual assets were added on the exchange due to the fact that Ethfinex Community Listing voted for the same. A polling application was instituted for the purpose of making use of the Ethereum blockchain.

Eventually, the virtual asset which takes the highest number of votes through the community voting criteria is given an extra advantage of being added on Bitfinex, together with Ethfinex. is the governance stand where the polling for Ethfinex occurs. This is according to a statement on the official blog of the platform.

The third virtual asset which got the vote to be listed was VideoCoin. As a result, Ethfinex has made sure that the virtual asset will be added on the platform the very moment it becomes open for trading.

Transforming The Content Space

The main objective of these virtual assets is to transform the content space by supporting it via the innovative blockchain technology. CNN has additionally offered a model for the execution of the plan. According to CNN, a content portal based in India known as NewsDog will be the first entity to observe the regulations stipulated by CNN’s decentralized prototypical.

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Over and above, Ethfinex is a newly unveiled spinoff of the popular crypto exchange known as Bitfinex. Beforehand, the firm indicated that it makes use of the proficiency of Bitfinex to make profits with the extra feature of crowdsourcing vital virtual asset data on its platform.

Nevertheless, it also stated that it runs autonomously on the Ethereum blockchain. Over and above, the new voting model has generated a lot of excitement within the community since it was introduced.


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