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EU enters pressure on Netherlands to treat Virus Rescue infections

EU ministers agreed to deliver a 500-billion-euro rescue Friday for European countries severely affected by coronavirus infection, but dismissed claims from Italy and France for debt relief.

The breach was mitigated after the Netherlands relinquished its position on the crucial question of working in poor countries to undertake management reforms and looking outside for help.

The Hague had banned talks two days earlier with an agreement with Italy, or any other country, to issue government posters.

“Today we are responding to our citizens calling for a European defense,” Eurogroup Chairman Mario Centeno said after the talks.

“This response is a great response to any concerns we may have had in recent weeks,” added Centeno, a Portuguese Finance Minister.

In a scandal, the final word appears that the rescuer will be sued for costs related to the COVID-19 crisis, which killed more than 65,000 people in Europe.

Customers, on the other hand, have made a statement from Italy, Spain, and France for the loan shark, sometimes referred to as the “coronabond”, to raise money for a new firm behind the door. .

Germany, the most powerful member of the EU, has rejected the loan debt request and ministers are only willing to “seek” the idea under the guidance of EU leaders, who have arranged to meet. and later in the month.

The firm has recorded 500 million euros ($ 546 billion), short of what many would expect to see in Europe to revitalize the country’s economic crisis.

The data show that a country’s economic impact on the genealogy of the glass, with the day-to-day life of the world fighting the spread of the disease.

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While 19 EU countries share a common currency, member states have responded positively to their cost savings, giving rich countries such as Germany a major investment in over those with less spending power.

Will EU finance ministers be able to overcome the impact of their differences on a coronavirus protection plan for the most vulnerable nations in the bloc? Photos: AFP / GERARD CERLES

A major part of the rescue program will include the European Stability Mechanism, the EU bailout providing $ 240 million in funding to cover expenditures by under-performing countries of pressure.

Italy and Spain have the support of most of the countries that have taken steps to address the ESM with ease, but the Netherlands has fought for a stronger one.

Putting the standards in place will see some contempt in Rome and Madrid, reflecting negative memories of the eurozone’s debt when reports from Brussels were tied to policies to appeal to Greece, Portugal and Ireland.

Dutch Finance Minister Wopke Hoekstra has asked if any country has asked for non-HIV-related support from the ESM – which is still coming up with the conditions.

“That’s fair and just,” he said.

However, the point of the debt split was a long way off for the Berlin and the Hague, and it refused to extend credit with other major countries such as the US, France or Spain or they think it’s silly.

British Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said the debate was open and that everyone agreed that additional funding needed to reinvigorate the economy.

“The average loan was not mentioned … but it was affected,” he said.

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However, belittling his reputation, Germany’s Alexander Merkel earlier on Friday rejected the idea of ​​a debt crisis in Europe.

“I do not think that we (the EU) have a right to (the EU) in its present form, and why we are rejecting it,” he said.

In addition to the euro rescue fund, EU ministers have approved 200 billion euros in approvals from the European Investment Bank (EIB) and a commission on the country’s short-term projects .

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