Scotland result almost in 


With almost all the results in from Scotland, the SNP seems likely to win three of the six Scottish MEP seats, with Scottish Labour losing its two MEPs.

Results from 31 of the 32 councils across Scotland showed the SNP, who fought the election campaign on a strong pro-European platform, had polled 37.7 per cent.

The party’s previous best Euro election result was 32.6 per cent in 1994.


Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said people are waking up to the fact that Ireland is receiving more support from the EU than Scotland is from Westminster.


She said during an event in Dublin: 


We voted over 60 per cent to remain, we have tried very hard in the wake of the UK-wide Brexit vote to find compromises and protect our interests, and we have worked hard across party lines to try and prevent the worst impact of Brexit, and we have been ignored.

Votes in the Scottish Parliament have been cast aside, they have even in the process of the Brexit fiasco taken powers away from the Scottish Parliament in order to centralise how they deal with all of this.

Scotland has been treated with contempt by Westminster and people are contrasting that with Ireland that has been shown real solidarity and support from the European Union.


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