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MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., July 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Evans Transportation, a full-service, third-party provider of custom logistics solutions for North American shippers, today announced extraordinary sales for their new offices based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Achieving revenue of over $125 Million in the 31 months since opening the new location, Evans is proving that the logistics industry is ready for the streamlined digital transformation offered by the Evans 2.0 logistics management platform, combined with an unyielding commitment to personal relationships, respect and transparency Evans follows in every step of the logistics and transportation process.

“Our use of technology to streamline processes, increase speed and accuracy, and provide real-time visibility and transparency on costs combined with our unyielding dedication to our carriers and customers is the reason this office has grown so quickly,” said Ryan Keepman, CEO of Evans Transportation. “It has been clear to us that the market is demanding and would overall benefit from a combination of face to face, “handshake” business combined with unparalleled technology and we are proud to have successfully implemented these seemingly contrasting combination of business practices.”

“Utilizing Evans 2.0, our custom built logistics management platform, combined with what we call the Evan’s Experience, which maintains emphasis on respect, and person-to-person communication, we’ve created a fresh take in the logistics industry that’s more efficient while making our work environment better for our staff and customers,” said Jason Mansur, president and COO of Evans Transportation. “While we are not chasing growth, we are proud and encouraged to see the amazing growth and traction achieved by Evans as we support our clients, carriers and our overall team.”

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About Evans Transportation Services, Inc
Founded in 1985 and reborn through digital transformation in 2018, Evans Transportation Services, Inc. is a full-service, third-party provider of custom logistics solutions for a diverse range of shippers across North America. Fueled by unmatched technology, a focus on customer relationships and an uncommonly dedicated team, Evans’ unwavering commitment to value has propelled the company to be one of the nation’s fastest growing private companies as noted in Inc. Magazine’s 2020 Inc. 5000 list

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  • After saying Evans Transportation once let’s move to “Evans” only for all subsequent company name mentions.
  • Do we want to mention our company’s total revenue?  Not just the MPLS group and their ramp?  Current run rate of $275M?

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