Even as many businesses close, auto mechanics stay open amid pandemic – 69News WFMZ-TV

STOCKERTOWN, Pa. – There are a lot of things you can’t do thanks to coronavirus-related restrictions, but you can get your oil changed. Many auto mechanics are still open.

In the 48 years Dave’s Automotive in Stockertown has been open, they’ve never seen anything quite like this.

“Nothing like this before,” said Christa Browne, Dave’s Automotive co-owner.

While what feels like the rest of the world is closed, they’re open. They’re considered an essential life-sustaining business.

“The car that we’re working on right now, the tires are completely bald and we don’t want to see an accident happen for our customer,” said co-owner Scott Browne.

“Our techs wear gloves all the time, seat covers, floor mats. We’ve implemented adding steering wheel covers,” Christa said.

However, the pace is slower.

“This week it’s dropped off dramatically, it’s probably a third of what we normally see,” Christa said.

And the waiting room is closed.

“They can get anything done now the only thing they can’t do is wait for the car,” Scott said.

“About the first day we had a few people pull on the doors looking confused and we would just talk to them through the door and say it’s OK just put your keys through the slot,” Christa said.

However, they’re happy to provide even a small piece of normalcy.


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