Even if BJP gets more seats this time, Nitishji will be the Bihar CM: Fadnavis

On the numbers of seats NDA will win in the Bihar elections.
We will win with a landslide victory.

On Bihar getting a BJP CM.
In this election, this question is not important. Even if the BJP gets more seats (than JDU) this time, Nitishji will be the CM.

On LJP cutting into BJP’s and JDU’s votes
The people of Bihar have made up their mind. They are with Modiji and Nitishji. Such factors work in case of a close fight but not when people know what they want, who they want. All calculations will go wrong. We are at a comfortable position, despite LJP trying to create confusion. BJP, JDU, HAM and VIP are part of NDA. Any other party in the fray are in the opposition.

On the situation if LJP had been accommodated in the NDA.

For Ram Vilas Paswanji, we had a lot of respect. As far as accommodating parties is concerned, it can be according to size. If four parties are together in an alliance, and a fifth wants to be part of it, then it can’t have it all. Alliance is based on compromises. For example, in 2019, we left five sitting seats to the JDU. The leader is the basis of any alliance. In Bihar, our leader is Nitish ji but Chiraj doesn’t consider him a leader. Hence, accommodating him was not possible even if we agreed for a few seats. Chiraj is making calculated statements every day as per his political ambitions and plans but people are too smart to be beguiled.

On the talk that making LJP fight alone is BJP’s plan B.
Such false narratives are being created by two factions: First, by LJP, to benefit from this confusion and second by the RJD-led alliance to confuse voters and create differences. But people are astute and aware. They understand the conspiracy.

On the anti-incumbency factor going against the NDA.

Anti-incumbency comes into play in case of non-performance. People have seen the changes in Bihar. Comparison will be made with the 15 years of rule under Laluji that was synonymous to gundaraj and jungle raj –– from there we have moved to kanoon ka raj. Education and health facilities have improved. Bihar has been a ‘pichada rajya’ but now it is on the verge of becoming a developed state.

Secondly, anti-incumbency works when the opposition is strong but here, their track record is worse. Like JDU leader Sanjay Jha said yesterday, “
Unki peedi badli, lekin neeti nahi badli (Generation has changed but not their policies).” Hence anti-incumbency is not a factor in this election.

On lack of job creation, setting up industries under Nitish’s rule
This is not true. The leader of the opposition (Tejaswi Yadav) said he will give 10 lakh jobs if elected. How will he do that? I have been a CM and I know jobs aren’t created by merely signing on a paper.

The Atmanirbhar Yojana prepared by Modiji and Nitishji has plans for jobs across sectors. Human resource is at the core of job creation. Unless you have iconic institutions and education facilities, you can’t make much progress. That barrier has been broken by the Yojana and New Education Policy. From three, we have 15 medical colleges in Bihar and hundreds of engineering colleges. All these factors will work as a magnet for job creation.

On Dalits being riled over LJP being left out.

We have many Dalit leaders including Manjhi in Bihar alliance. Infact, maximum number of SC and ST MPs are with BJP.

On BJP not giving any ticket to a minority candidate.

Tickets are given on the basis of winnability. In our alliance, JDU has given seats to minorities who are being supported by our teams. We haven’t discriminated any particular community while giving scheme benefits as we don’t believe in the politics of appeasement.

On the ruling coalition of Maharashtra.

There are a lot of differences among the allies but they are just towing along for the sake of power. There is massive discontent among the public. The Shiv Sena is the biggest loser in all this. The alliance won’t continue for very long. They will be encumbered by their own weight and differences. We are acting as a strong opposition and when this government falls, we will be back soon.


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