In his debut into politics, actor Sunny Deol is contesting from Gurdaspur Lok Sabha constituency where he faces sitting Congress MP Sunil Jakhar. The star’s campaign is driven mostly with mega roadshows where he travels into the interiors of the border districts to connect with the masses, wowing them with his filmy dialogues. Manu Pubby caught up with him in one of these rallies where well over a hundred vehicles of fans and supporters followed his every move. Excerpts:

On his political debut

I had not always planned to get into politics but when I got a chance I decided to get into it. Whenever I pick up any work, I am successful at it. I first want to win and then see what work I can do. Whenever I take up any kind of work, I ensure that I finish it.

On the nationalism debate

Debates keep going on. If not on this, then (it’ll be) something else. This has become a sort of entertainment of the day. Everyone should love their country and that is all there is to it.

On nationalism as election issue
What I understand about politics is that everything in the world has become about marketing, which is the sad bit. But along with the marketing if you are doing some good work, there is no harm to it.

On neighbouring Pakistan
Punjab is a border state and with the temperament we have, we do not have that many invaders coming in. We are used to so many people coming and try to fight here (without success).

On inexperience in politics In the film industry too there is a lot of politics. But I have stuck to myself and have achieved all that I have on my own terms. I cannot work on anyone else’s terms. I have never done that and I never will…I want to serve the nation.

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Plans, if elected I don’t want to say much as I am new here. After winning, I will understand the pace well as I will do things professionally. There are so many things to be done here. I have to find different headings and find what the youth need and are looking for. That will give me a sense of what to do and then I will move ahead. It will be an interesting process and we will find ways to do things.

On the drug menace in Punjab

Once I understand the issue properly, I will get to know if it’s such a big thing or not. I will find out and I will take action accordingly.



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