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Exness a Beginner Friendly Broker?

Exness a Beginner Friendly Broker?

Exness is a foreign exchange trading platform that allows people to trade remotely from around the world. The market is used for selling and buying currencies in order to take advantage of the fluctuating prices. Brokers buy currencies when the prices fall and sell when they rise. Through this exchange process, they generate a profit.

The foreign exchange industry consists of many companies, banks, and organizations that take part in the practice. In addition, many brokers operate using forex, which allows them to practice remotely on five days of the week.

Under Exness, there are many brokerages through which they indulge in foreign exchanges trading. Forex has a worldwide reach of commerce and finance. The market consists of many brokers to choose from when starting your trading career. Being an Exness broker provides a safe and stable platform for beginners to learn trading.


Exness is known to be the biggest retailing entity on the foreign exchange market. They provide you with a guarantee of security and privacy. In addition, the platform is well integrated with the market. Therefore, using exness, you will not encounter any issues while trading.

One of the attractions of Exness is that it is regulated by CySEC and FCA and stresses transparency. In addition, they are audited by Deloitte, which is known to be the best accounting agency in the world. To further enhance their auditing, they have provided all financial reports and relevant information on their website.

Exness provides fair play to all its users whenever there is an issue. On the CHF, even on January 15, 2015, exness compensated the affected trades with almost $15 million. That’s not all; exness also has a total of $200 million in various accounts. The amount exceeds all the collective deposits of their clients.

Exness Cent account

Exness does not give beginners demo accounts with real-life simulations. Exness believes that real-life pressure and trends can help produce a far better trader. With a real account, traders can develop skills and confidence far more efficiently.

At the same time, it is advised for beginners to start with small amounts. As it takes a lot of hits and tries to learn to trade. Many beginners tend to deposit huge sums on the market and end up losing all their investments.

It is better to experiment with small amounts as you experiment and get to know the market trends. Apart from this, exness provides its beginners all the support they need from exness.

To start trading on exness is straightforward, with a minimum deposit of only $1. The cent account allows you to experience real-life price fluctuations and volatility. Also, you can receive excellent customer service from exness with staff available in various languages.


Exness has proven to be the biggest broker on the forex market. The total monthly trading volume of exness was estimated to be over $700 billion. While their biggest competitor,, generated $500 billion, with $200 billion being commodity trading volume.

This proves the revenue exness can produce, which is more than double of This is why traders chose the biggest forex traders as they offer more services.


Exness charges the lowest commission from their traders. Exness offers four types of accounts to its traders. Three of them categorize as regular, while one is categorized as an ECN account. Exness does not charge a commission from regular accounts. These accounts are Standard Cent account, Standard account, and Pro account.

There are no hidden or secret charges when they say “Zero-Fee.” The only fee you will have to pay is for the spreads for regular accounts. Exness Pro account charges the lowest fee from traders with the Pro account. Although, opening a Pro account requires you to deposit a minimum of $2000.

ECN Account

This is truly a zero fee account as exness charges ECN users nearly 0 dollars. The commission exness charges of ECN accounts are approximately 90% lower than other ECN brokers. The spread charges by exness are so low that no other broker can compete.

Professional Traders

The majority of professional traders like to trade using Pro or exness standard accounts as it provides them with good conditions. In addition, the traders prefer having a swap-free account with as a minimum a spread as possible.

The spread for Pro account users is from 0.1, while for Standard users, it is 0.3. exness does not charge any trading commission from its users while also providing unlimited leverage. Exness also does not charge any minimum deposit for Standard accounts.

Exness provides all of its customers with reliable customer service 24/7. Other than that, you can withdraw your funds from banks instantly.


Exness is used and trusted by many traders as it gives you guarantees and also protection. The policies are reliable as nothing goes against the interests of the traders. It also provides complete transparency with all information and transactions.

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